Daily Diary: Raging Grannies In Times Square


It’s all about packaging right? Over the weekend, I came across several women singing and picketing. Their names? Raging Grannies. Now, I didn’t have time to figure out WHAT they were raging about. And if I’m being honest, there was no raging involved. But the name caught my attention enough to snap a photo and post it on my blog.

Captions mean everything – online and off, right?

That’s why those YouTube videos with those amazing titles go viral. Have you ever seen this one? I was suckered into clicking because it had 8ba-billion views. Figured SOMETHING must be worth watching…

or not. Makes you want to start using this tactic. But then… won’t that just lead to a ton of disappointed viewers?

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  1. Vicki wrote:

    The Raging Grannies are an international organization of older women who work for peace and justice by writing their own lyrics to old familiar melodies and then getting out and singing them whenever and wherever their message needs to be heard. There are close to 100 gaggles of Raging Grannies throughout Canada and the US. The Grannies you saw in Times Square were from the NYC gaggle, and they were there to sing out against US threats to go to war with Iran. The Grannies are old enough and wise enough to know that another war will only divert our tax dollars from our needs here at home, while leaving yet another country and its people in ruin. “Glory, glory Hallelujah, we dropped our bombs on poor Falujah! We’re here to say that war won’t make us safer anymore; it’s time to end all war!”

    Posted 2.6.12

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