Daily Diary: Oh Those Late Night Feedings

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Exhausted. Beyond exhausted. But loving every moment. The 12AM and the 3AM feedings are testing me big time. I’m a girl who needs like 10 hours of shut eye. Some can survive on 6. Others can rock with just 4. Me? Nope! I need double digits when it comes to my zzzzzzs.

But if there is any reason to get up it’s this one. I just love Caleb’s little face. When it’s really quite and just the two of us are awake – it’s really something special.


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And these toes… I munch on them all day long. I am absolutely taking my time with Caleb. There’s no rush to get him back into his bassinet. I let him hang out on me for a bit and that gives me time to soak it all in. Every last toe. 🙂

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But make no mistake! I am losing my mind. Last night, at around 4AM, I grabbed a pajama and threw it on him only to find that it was his EASTER outfit. He had ears and a cotton tail. What a sight! LOL

I guess Happy Easter everyone!!!


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  1. Wendy wrote:

    Love the Easter outfit. That is hysterical. I only have girls so I never had to do too many late night changes of clothing–but that is something I would totally do! I manage the late night feedings for about 2 weeks and then I am beyond wonky. Around that time I always had my mom come in for one night and help me out so we could get 1 full night’s rest. Maybe you can get a night’s help soon? Hang in there!

    Posted 2.25.13
  2. My goodness, such a cutie! Loved ur movie of Caleb’s 1st day. Makes me want to have another baby. Those moments, you just can’t get back when they are first born. Gonna go snuggle w/my toddler. LOL

    Posted 2.26.13
  3. lizzys wrote:

    here comes Caleb Cottontail xoxoxoxo

    Posted 2.26.13

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