Daily Diary: No More Sports Weekends

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Last Saturday ended an era — the soccer mom era. It’s all over. Liam also played baseball this year which meant that we had three games every Saturday for 12 weeks. Sometimes they overlapped. Most of the time Caleb needed a nap in between. It was a disaster. I don’t know how everyone else manages it. We barely got through this season – truly!!

The kids had a blast. Me? I was so thankful for my lawn chair!! 🙂 I am not this person. City people don’t have grass. We have stoops. We just sit on the stoop and hang out.

But honestly, it was a great excuse to meet up with friends in the AM. However, the pool is opening and you know what? I like that speed MUCH better!! LOL. Get a table, pack a cooler and just ccchhhhiiiillllll. No running around town trying to find field 1-c. What? Where’s the cabana?? That’s what I’m talking about.

Tomorrow, I’m heading to Canada for a gig and cannot wait to share more about that opp. Then I fly straight from Canada to Cincinnati for another gig. This week will be a lot of fun — cannot wait — because I am doing it all with my partner Audrey!

More to come!!


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