Daily Diary: Natalie’s First Holy Communion


Oh what a special day!! It all started out at the beauty salon. Natalie had her hair up in curls and she kept insisting that she looked like a little old lady.


No argument there. 🙂


Screen shot 2013-05-21 at 9.30.11 AM

I timed everything incorrectly (of course) and we had about 10 minutes to get home from the salon, put on our dresses and SHOOT to the church. When I tell you I did my makeup in the car, I’m not kidding. What a disaster we were right before the mass.

But we made it! Here she was sitting in the basement of the church waiting for our turn to walk upstairs. Doesn’t she look so big? I could just cry looking at this pic.


This is one of TWO shots I have of my dress. SO UPSET about that –  but then again… it’s not about me is it? LOL! You can KINDA get a feel of what it looked like. Had a slight retro feel to it. I really, really LOVED it.


As soon as we got out of the church (and into the pouring rain), Natalie started to read the Bible unprompted. She felt really special. It was so sweet. 

Oh and PS – she had the wine on the alter. And after she tasted it, she turned around and said, “Mom, it was GREAT!!” I told her to keep walking…. 🙂



Party time!! Surrounded by family and friends. We kept things really small for the communion and it worked out perfectly.IMG_0728





We bought Natalie a necklace from Things Remembered — we put her name on it and it came with a cross charm. Thought it was a nice addition to the dress.



At the end of the party, my daughter drew crosses all over her arms. She actually went to school like that the very next day because we didn’t have time to wash them all off. I just can’t imagine what her teacher thinks of us – we are always a MESS. But so is life!

We had a GREAT First Holy Communion!! Natalie cannot WAIT for Sunday for mass because she knows she can go up to the alter now. 🙂

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  1. Dee wrote:

    How wonderful!! Congrats to Natalie!

    Posted 5.21.13
  2. Congratulations! We just went through this milestone with my daughter last year.

    Posted 5.28.13

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