Daily Diary: My Poor Boy Has Strep



This is Caleb SLEEPING ON THE COUCH. Bill just posted this picture on Facebook. He is so sick my little duckling. He gets so tired so quickly that he falls fast asleep before we even realize he is closing his eyes. I can’t get over this!!

I had to take a quick (unexpected) trip to LA last night. I’m actually not allowed to say why yet. It’s sort of top secret – a project that cannot be online yet. Seeing this picture makes my heart melt though. My poor little angel.  Thankfully, this is a super quick trip and I will be home soon enough.

I’m pretty sure he dug himself underneath that pillow to go to sleep. The question is – do you move him or not? It’s almost better to pick him up fast and tuck him into bed, right? That’s what I would do???

Sigh… I could stare at this shot forever.  Mommy will be home soon little one.

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