Daily Diary: My Girly Girl And Her Love For Nail Polish

I woke up super early yesterday so I could do my nails without being interrupted by the sea of requests that follow my children. I’m talking 6:00AM ish. 🙂 It worked.

However, I forgot to put away all my stuff before the little ones came in for breakfast. So naturally my daughter wanted to paint her own nails. We’ve gotten to the point where she doesn’t want me to do them. SHE wants to do them – which makes me a little sad.

I sat at our table and just watched her realizing what a big girl she’s become (and how much she loves to do things that I do). She’s practically a tween! LOL

Anyway – she got a little creative with her nails and used several colors at once. As a mom, it was nice to just sit there, relax, and watch her intensely work at pampering herself. It’s a good lesson to learn if you ask me.

Find the time to take care of yourself.

What are you going to do for yourself today?

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