Daily Diary: Lemonade And Entertainment – Only $1


My daughter has been begging me to do a lemonade stand with her for AGES. A lot of children in my neighborhood sit outside and sell either lemonade or iced tea during the warmer months. Truth be told, we usually stop and buy some and Natalie always gets a kick out of it. Yesterday, we had friends coming over and decided that we would FINALLY do our own lemonade stand.

I don’t necessarily live on a very busy street. So, our odds weren’t very high for making a lot of cash. But let me tell you…. those kids HUSTLED. Natalie was screaming at the to of her lungs. She was dancing, shouting, jumping. I mean – really working it. The boys eventually grew tired of the wait and started playing on their own. But Natalie and her friends… they went at it.


I mean… how can anyone resist clod lemonde? 🙂


At one point, Natalie was trying to make bigger sales. So she changed our offerings. You weren’t just getting lemonade for $1. You were getting lemonade and entertainment. She started to do cart wheels, hula hooping, singing. It was hilarious! I mean -how could you turn that down?

Well, a lot of people did. My friend came up with a great evaluation of the situation. Only good people stop at lemonade stands. Really good samaritans. I mean – everyone is on the go and in a rush. You have to be a good person to stop for lemonade that is probably going to stink, right? Everyone that bought a cup spoke to us for a few minutes, laughed with the kids and left with a smile. It was a great afternoon.

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