Daily Diary: I Will Take All The Bacon



Ok. This is getting ridiculous. I can’t say no. It just keeps coming. I’m taking naps in between meals. Even the drinks feels like meals. I’m having mini-meals between the meals. How am I going to adjust back to normal life when I get off this boat? Who will make me my 11PM pizza once I am off this ship? Who will serve me hot scones and tea at 3:30PM every day? I’m not sure I’m going to be OK folks! I’m not sure how to detox from all of this simplicity.

I’m on the last day of my Princess Cruise and I know that tomorrow it will just stop. All of the catering. It’s so SAD. Chocolates on my bed. Caribbean breeze from my window. Nightly Bingo / Karaoke / Gameshows / Magic Shows / etc. — it’s all going to END.


And what about the BACON!!!!!!!!!!!

Where can I find as much bacon as I can HERE on this ship? You know my affection towards that side dish. It’s …. everything. I’m going to try to wind down a bit today to see if it helps. Maybe skip all the snack meals and stick to the main ones. Will my body be able to handle it? I don’t know. Time will tell!!! 🙂

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