Daily Diary: I Signed Up For The Mud Run… Mommy Help Me

No – that’s not me. But it will be in a few months!! I am fr-eaking out but am SO excited about the Down and Dirty Mud Run. They are ALL over the country – so you don’t have to be a North Easterner like me to take part.  It’s a 5K and if you know me that’s almost impossible. Ok… it is COMPLETELY impossible. But I have no intention of breaking any records. I just want to go out, get dirty, and have a few laughs.

Can you imagine how crazy this is going to be?! I mentioned a while ago that my friends and I started up a samurai fighting club. Well, this is one of our first adventures!! How insane!

I’m already thinking ahead — what are the things I’m going to need?

Spandex pants that I don’t mind throwing out at the end of the day.

Waterproof Mascara – no I’m not joking. You KNOW I’m thinking this through 🙂

REALLY STRONG deodorant like Secret’s clinical strength sport because I have a feeling the run will challenge me to no END

A great sense of humor because I am going to make a FOOL of myself

A sports bra! I need to be as comfortable as possible while making a fool of myself.

A waterproof camera. I need some time to purchase one – but I NEED to document this whole thing!! Do you have a waterproof camera?? Which do you own???

Anything else?! HELP ME! Should I get one of those fanny packs? To carry the camera in? What am I not thinking of???

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  1. Wheatly wrote:

    You’re going to want to wear your old crappy running shoes. Some friends of mine did a run like this last summer and they said at the end, people throw their shoes in a pile insstead of taking them home. So, bring a pair of flip-flops to get home in!

    Posted 3.7.12
  2. Chaucee wrote:

    Hahaha this is awesome! Have Bill film it or something, it’s bound to be so much fun! 😀

    Posted 3.7.12
  3. Sherry wrote:

    I’ve never heard of this before! It sounds like so much fun!

    Posted 3.7.12
  4. Wendy T wrote:

    Water bottle?

    Comment is acting as entry for Eucerin contest.
    Thank you.

    Posted 3.8.12
  5. Sharon Manna wrote:

    You can do this! I started doing mud runs last year, and have three on the schedule so far this year (after having never done one in my [then] 41 years)!!

    I would suggest forgetting the camera and the mascara. You’ll be such a mess, but you’ll have so much fun. I would also suggest getting a couch to 5K app to prepare. I’m going to do the Down and Dirty in Dallas in June, and my 7-year old daughter is going to do the 1 mile kids obstacle/mud run. So much mess, so much fun!! Good luck.

    Posted 3.8.12
  6. Dirtier Twin wrote:

    I would recommend a disposable water proof camera. We have what we call a dirty girl bra cam. Someone carries it in her sports bra along the way and the things get thrashed and there has been some fears of losing it along the way.

    Posted 3.8.12
  7. Stacie wrote:

    As awesome as it would be to document the whole thing, your camera might get destroyed. I am doing my 4th run next month. I always end up bruised from head to toe. I never really know how that happens because I am laughing the whole time! Wearing old shoes is good and bad. I didn’t want to ruin my good running shoes when I did the Los Angeles run last year, but with half of the race being straight up, and the other half being straight down it really put pressure on my toes. I ended up with nasty hematomas under both big toenails, lost both of the toenails, then needed ingrown toe nail surgery! I really wished I would have worn my good shoes! Even with all of that craziness I am going back for more in just 4 weeks. This is super fun event. My kids loving doing it too.

    Posted 3.8.12
  8. Katy wrote:

    If you can carpool with someone that has a Subaru, do it. They usually have VIP parking for subs close to the course. It is invaluable to have a place nearby to keep a change of clothes and refreshments. I personally wouldn’t carry anything into the course, merrell takes before and after shots and they have a private photographer that you can purchase pics from. The obstacles on the 5k aren’t too challenging so you will have a great time. Consider donating your shoes afterward.

    Posted 3.8.12
  9. Valerie Dreher wrote:

    You should buy a kodak waterproof throw away camera. That is what my friend did. You don’t need to throw your clothes away they was. Wouldn’t worry about deodorant it is wet mud. Lot’s of it. You need a great costume. No water a lot of climbing. It was a blast.

    Posted 3.8.12
  10. Celeste wrote:

    Definitely forget the camera. I did my first last year at the age of 51 as a beginning runner and it was awesome. Word of advice- keep your mouth closed in the mud pit! Which will be hard to do because you will be smiling and laughing. Doing it again this year!!! My shoes and clothes came clean.

    Posted 3.8.12
  11. Stacie wrote:

    I did my first one last year at the age of 54 and had never run before. I just took my time and had fun. I wore pants like the one you posted but also wore crazy-looking kneehigh socks to protect my legs in the mud and over obstacles. The best investment was fingerless athletic gloves. They protected my hands. I sprayed my most comfortable sneakers with water repelant (3 times) and they looked good as new after I washed them. Have fun!

    Posted 3.8.12
  12. Lourdes wrote:

    Gracias por todos los tips y consejos chicas. Mi primer mud!!! sera en Mayo en Chicago.

    Posted 3.9.12
  13. Bari Keith wrote:

    I did my 1st mud run last year with my boot camp group -we had a blast (I’m 61) -We’re already planning next Sept.- make sure you tuck your shirt into your pants to keep some of the mud out. They have a changing tent & hoses to rinse off the muck.

    Posted 3.9.12

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