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Daily Diary: I Never Want To Forget This Feeling

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 6.56.00 PMI know I should have said, “I never want HER to forget this feeling.” I know. I know. But I’m going to be selfish for a second and as a mom of three you HAVE TO GIVE ME THIS MOMENT! Seeing my children feel pure joy is euphoric. When Natalie was spinning around and around in the park last week and I was standing in front of her watching her in motion, I wanted to FREEZE TIME. And I guess I did with this photo. I guess we all have magic at our fingertips after all.

She was looping around and around and laughing and screaming. I was holding back a tear because I felt such happiness for her. I guess I registered that I lost that freedom somewhere along the way. Being an adult is a necessary job – but it comes without warning. It comes even if you don’t want the job.

THIS is the way to reclaim our youth. This is a way to reclaim that freedom we all once felt.

To simply watch it through the eyes of our children.

I stumbled through my pocket and I reached for my phone – all while never letting go of my gaze. I didn’t want to BLINK … forget about losing sight of this prize. And I snapped away just beneath my chin – hoping I was getting what my eyes were seeing and thank GOD I did. Because there it is – everything.

Happiness. Love. Joy. Freedom. Power. Energy. Bliss. Sunshine.

All in a vessel that I made.

So thankful she was filled up in that moment.

So thankful I got to watch it in motion and store it in my heart.

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