Daily Diary: I Can’t Wait For Caleb To Meet Mickey

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This boy is Mickey obsessed. OBSESSED. We are flying down to Orlando in a few days and all I keep thinking about is Caleb’s first VIEW of Mickey Mouse. I mean… he is going to FREAK OUT. He calls him “Mishka Mooshka” because that’s how the song starts in the Playhouse show.

“Mishka Mooshka Mickey Mouse”

I haven’t started packing yet. I haven’t started planning or making dinner reservations (too late at this point, right??). But I have played this scenario in my brain over and over and over again. Caleb running up to hug Mickey. It is going to be EPPPPIIIIICCCCCCCC.

Or he will absolutely freak and cry hysterically. One or the other. LOL! That’s how my other two reacted the first time they could process the mouse.

I’m going to spend all day today writing up posts for next week and then spend all day tomorrow prepping for the trip. It’s going to be such a great ride! But the next two days are going to be heads down and loopy. Wish me luck!


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