Daily Diary: Best Picture Of Our Entire Italy Trip

Listen, I’m just keeping it real. I mean – you can’t believe that an 8 day adventure with 2 little ones would be easy 100% of the time, right? My babies are still babies and walking up and down hundreds of steps each day was really HARD. Yes, I said hundreds of steps a day.

Positano is breathtakingly beautiful – but you have to work a little bit to experience the magic. The neighboring town of Ravello (which I will write about in a minute) wasn’t as intense, but it was still up on a cliff. This required you to WORK IT. And the kids just… had it!

Natalie ran up to the church, plopped down on the floor, and collapsed onto herself. I’m not saying that she had these fits multiple times a day. It actually happened only twice. This above picture and then on the last day of Rome. The kids were pooped.

That’s when Bill and I sort of let go of all our expectations and just relaxed. We ordered some gelato and slowed down our speed by 90%. This wasn’t an adult vacation and it wasn’t fair to think that my little ones would be able to keep up the entire time.

So, my advice to parents who want to take their kids on an adult vacation is simple: Let go of the agenda and take it one day/moment at a time. If the kids look like they are winding down, then you should take a nice, long break. Even if it means that you might miss a few things. In the end, it’s all about having experiences with your children, right?

Do you have any advice for traveling with kids?

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  1. I think that picture sums all of us up at the end of a trip! Sounds like your little ones were real troopers 🙂

    Posted 4.12.12
  2. Lisa wrote:

    How cute! She was exhausted and wasn’t afraid to show it. Lol

    Posted 4.14.12

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