Daily Diary: An Overnight Getaway With Friends At Woodloch Pines

Every year, some friends and I head out for a spa getaway. There’s 6 or 7 of us and we all have multiple children – so it’s definitely needed by the time May / June comes around. It’s our Mother’s Day presents from our husbands. So amazing!

Last year we went to ‘The Spa at Norwich Inn‘ and this year we went to Woodloch Pines. Now, Woodloch Pines is known as a family destination and we went BEFORE the season actually began. Unfortunately, the weather was also not on our side. So I can’t say that I fully checked out Woodloch. Everything was canceled. There was hardly anyone staying at the resort – it was all very empty.

I’ve been told that during the summer – it’s an entirely different ballgame. So, I won’t even really talk about what happened to us because I don’t want to skew your perception of the location. I do think there is a lot of opportunity there – especially for families. The activity list was really well balanced and if you are looking for a family trip, I think your entire lot would have fun here. So  – I might try this again with the kids.

The spa facilites were beautiful. There were several pools to choose from and I was in my glory. We didn’t have a lot of time to enjoy them though. You are only allowed in the spa area one hour before and one hour after your treatment. So, even though we were there for two days – we could only hang out for a few hours on our first night. Our appointments were at 4:30! I wish I had all day to just lounge at the pool – but it just didn’t work out that way.

That being said – my hot stone massage was magical and I really enjoyed the few hours I had in this area. There was a whispering room where you could just sit and relax, a screened in patio, steam room, jacuzzi etc. We did it all.

Because we were 6 women, they upgraded us to a 4 bedroom cottage. So, we actually had a kitchen and living room. It was two floors. This was my bedroom but the other 3 were different. Really nice house! Enough bathrooms for everyone and how can you beat that fireplace?? 😉

Yes, it was that cold in June! We needed fire. Unbelievable!!

I loved that some friends brought stuff to snack on. We all hung out around the kitchen and laughed for a few hours before heading to dinner.

Funny story about dinner – but I won’t do it justice on the blog. I ate like I was going to the chair. Literally – so much food!! But it was all great.

Every time I passed this guy, I thought he was real. So, before we left, I snapped a pic with him showing off my golf swing. Yeah, I still need a lot of help in that department.

Then my friend Lara and I snapped this pic for her husband. He always jokes that we should take inappropriate pictures for him. So we did in jest. The golfer does not look amused.

Overall, we had a great trip. We laughed more than anything else which I think is what really counts. It’s always SO NICE to hang out with these girls. I haven’t seen them much this year (or anyone for that matter) – so I really appreciated every minute of this one night getaway.

As we were driving home, we came across this huge satellite station. There were DOZENS of satellites. Looks like this is a radio / tv hub. I never saw something that big.

And then the TRUE highlight of the trip was coming across this Wonka candy station at Woodbury Commons. You don’t understand. This is my FAVORITE CANDY IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD. Every single thing in that vending machine. I almost fainted when I saw this!!! I wish I had one near me. Actually, I don’t – because then I would have diabetes.

All in all – great weekend.

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  1. Lisa wrote:

    I would LOVE a girl’s spa getaway. I MUST do that soon! Thanks for sharing.

    Posted 6.5.12

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