Daily Diary: A Personal Apology To My Readers (And A Really Cute Kitten)

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This is a TOTALLY SERIOUS post even though it is starting out with a ridiculously adorable kitten.  I have an apology to make and it’s a MASS APOLOGY to every reader that this blog has ever had. {phew} {deep breath}  It’s to every person that I’ve shared a cup of tea with throughout my days online. It’s to you my friend.

I’ve been a crappy blogger. 

Your comments. I read every single one of them. I nod my head and respond to them in my head and thank you for the time you took to write to me… but I don’t ACTUALLY write back, do I?  And that is so SUCKY.

Well, that ends today.

I am so sorry for every comment that has filtered through this blog unanswered. What is wrong with me?! I’ve been blogging since 2005! You’d think I’d have some bloggy manners by now. How freaking RUDE. I mean – I can’t get over it. I had this long conversation with some fellow bloggers yesterday during an event I co-founded called the ‘Fashion Forward Conference’. We were talking about engagement. I always comment back on Twitter, on Facebook and if I get a direct questions on Instagram – I do it there too.

But my blog? My blog gets nada. AND HOW INSANE IS THAT? THAT IS THE ONE PLACE WHERE I SHOULD SPEND THE MOST TIME. THIS IS MY HUB – MY BABY. MY LIVING ROOM. HOW COULD I NOT RESPOND TO COMMENTS HERE? I was sitting there and I literally almost fell off my chair because I felt every comment that was left on my blog that I read and loved and left unanswered SMACK ME IN THE FACE.

At once. As deserved.

So, friends – I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. I mean it too. I thought about this all last night. I was out at dinner with friends and I kept thinking about how I had to write this post. I just wanted to go to sleep and wake up so I can write this down.

I’m sorry.

Things will change.

Smack in the face. Check.

I appreciate your comments – always have. Always will. Now you will actually know that too. 🙂

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  1. LOL. I have always responded to most of my comments. It is time consuming, but it’s so much fun. I need to be better about replying on Instagram and FB!!

    Posted 10.1.14
    • Vera wrote:

      I agree – I’m totally excited about it and I don’t know what took me so long to WAKE UP. 🙂

      Posted 10.1.14
  2. Ha! You’re awesome Vera! We love you no matter what.

    Posted 10.1.14
    • Vera wrote:

      I appreciate that my friend!

      Posted 10.1.14
  3. I am like you Vera on social media I am great but my blog sometimes slips through the cracks. I have been better lately but thanks for the reminder to make it a priority. BTW the event looked awesome hopefully next year I can make it in person and not just stalk on social media LOL!

    Posted 10.1.14
    • Vera wrote:

      We would LOVE to have you Ellen! SERIOUSLY!! LOVE TO HAVE YOU!!!!

      Posted 10.1.14
  4. Heather wrote:

    I actually stopped replying to blog posts unless it’s a contest entry since there is no interaction really, thank goodness for social media. I always read your posts, I subscribe with my feedly reader (previously google reader). I don’t know how you have time for it all!

    Posted 10.1.14
    • Vera wrote:

      I don’t either!! LOL — Im going to do the opposite actually. Anything BUT contests. I’m actually really excited about the whole thing. I feel so cheesy! But it’s true.

      Posted 10.1.14
  5. It’s my first time I see your blog. I come from Indonesia, and You have really cute Kitten

    Posted 10.2.14

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