Daily Diary: A Lesson To Be Learned From My Little Man


Take a look at this picture of Caleb. I mean… does he have a care in the world? I think NOT. We were at the park over the weekend and he fell fast asleep in his stroller. Bill and I found him in this position and he remained that way for HOURS. People were stopping us and commenting on his cuteness.  Of course I had to agree.

His feet are crossed too. You can’t really see that in the photo but they are. I can’t!

There are a few things to learn from this photo.

  • I need to take more naps.
  • I need to start relaxing more.
  • I need to just sit back and enjoy the moment.
  • It’s ok to slow down and soak in the sun.

Ha! Who knew my one year old would have so many lessons to teach me? Love it!

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