Crazy For Plaid: Gift Options For Her

I think plaid is such a beautiful pattern, but I don’t love it as much as my best friend. This is almost a love letter to her. It’s like a pre-gift to the gift I’m going to give her. I hope she doesn’t spend all her money when I send her the link… because this post is right up her alley.

If you are a plaid girl, I’m sorry… or you’re welcome. It really all depends on how you look at it. 🙂

Talbots Women's Holiday Plaid Scarf

Talbots Women’s Holiday Plaid Scarf

Talbots Women's Cozy Plaid Slouchy Clutch

Talbots Women’s Cozy Plaid Slouchy Clutch


ASOS Oversized Square Scarf In White Based Check

Women's Theory 'Saiome' Plaid Wool Blend Poncho

Women’s Theory ‘Saiome’ Plaid Wool Blend Poncho (splurge)

Junior Women's BP. Plaid Oblong Scarf

Junior Women’s BP. Plaid Oblong Scarf

Women's Topshop Tartan Plaid Shirt

Women’s Topshop Tartan Plaid Shirt

Junior Women's BP. Fringe Trim Plaid Oblong Scarf

Junior Women’s BP. Fringe Trim Plaid Oblong Scarf

Women's Rails 'Hunter' Plaid Shirt

Women’s Rails ‘Hunter’ Plaid Shirt


Liquorish Oversized Blanket Wrap Check Scarf – Pink check

Women's Topshop 'Ali' Check Boyfriend Shirt

Women’s Topshop ‘Ali’ Check Boyfriend Shirt

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