Completely Smooth Face and Body Lotion

Completely Smooth Pair

When the weather heats up, the tank tops, shorts, and yes, bikinis make their appearance! Well, what if you have unwanted hair on your arms, legs, face and other (ahem) sensitive areas? Waxing can be painful, especially over a larger area such as your legs, and shaving can be time-consuming! To significantly reduce hair growth and moisturize your body at the same time, Completely Bare offers an all-in-one solution. The Completely Smooth Face and Body Lotion is simple to apply – after cleansing, rub the lotion onto the areas you wish to see a reduction in unwanted hair twice a day. It will not only significantly diminish the hair in these areas, but it will hydrate and nourish your skin at the same time! Your hair in these areas will start to come in thinner and finer, giving you confidence to bare those arms and legs outside this summer! For more information on Completely Bare products, please visit their website.

*Company sent a sample for this review.

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