Check Out My New Bag: The Anytime Tote From Brahmin

Hello LOVER!

I’ve been crazy over Brahmin for a few years now. Not only because I LOVE the PR team that works with the brand, but because the line itself is both unbelievably classic AND trendy at the same time. How do they do that???

I’ve been carrying around the ‘Anytime Tote’ for the last week and I have adopted it as my third child. You know when a bag is new and you don’t put it on the floor because you don’t want to get it dirty. It’s on my lap more than my kids are! LOL! ๐Ÿ™‚

It retails for $225 and isnโ€™t on store shelves yet. It will be available in the next few weeks on and in retail. This is a sneak peek! Colors are canary (yellow), light pink, clay (light grey/brown), oyster, white, cantaloupe, birch (shimmer white), and theyโ€™ll be adding more throughout the season.

(it’s new – not messy yet, what can I say)

Take a look at the inside of the bag. I love the three pockets and they couldn’t have come at a better time. As some of you know, I recently got the iPhone and am obsessed with NOT scratching the screen. So I put my keys in one pocket, the phone in another and use the last with the zipper for everything else (loose change, credit cards etc).

I can’t get over how roomy the whole thing is! That’s my wallet and NOOK. The size is very deceptive because there’s a lot of space to play with.

Visit for more details!

* company sent sample for review

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  1. Kyle wrote:

    Forget the bag because OH. MY. GOD. YOU GOT A NOOK!!!!! Do you LOVE having an e-reader? Man, do I have a list of books for you whenever you want it ๐Ÿ™‚

    Posted 4.15.11
    • Vera wrote:

      I WANT IT I WANT IT! you are my favorite recommender of books!! I have one for you – SWEEPS – it’s like 12 part. Haven’t read it yet but my friend SWEARS BY IT.

      I LOVE READING WITH THE NOOK> ๐Ÿ˜‰ Finishing up HUnger Games trilogy today — 20 pages left of the last book. IM SLOWING DOWN

      Posted 4.15.11
      • Leslie wrote:

        Vera, it’s not AS good as The Hunger Games trilogy, but you might like Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. It’s a four part series, Young Adult. It’s really interesting and action packed. I think it goes: Uglies, Pretties, Specials, and Extras.

        Posted 4.16.11
    • Leslie wrote:

      oooo Kyle, I am a book-a-holic. I have the kindle. Do you mind making your recommendations public? Pretty please? Por favor? Bitte? ๐Ÿ™‚

      Posted 4.16.11
  2. Kyle wrote:

    PS. Start with the Howard Schulz autobiography. He’s the CEO of Starbucks and the story is fascinating.

    Posted 4.15.11
  3. danielle hayes wrote:

    hey Vera….when I first got my iPhone i was also paranoid about scratching the screen. They sell clear screen protectors that do the job perfectly….have had one on my phone since I got it (over a year ago) and not a single scratch. Well worth the $14.95!!!

    Posted 4.15.11
  4. Amy wrote:

    And if you buy the screen protector at the ATT store, they will put it on for you, WHICH IS WELL WORTH IT! I was a spaz putting it on and it had bubbles and air pockets everywhere. But its amazing and will never get a scratch.

    Posted 4.15.11
  5. Vera wrote:

    I got the screen protector – but Im still afraid!!! LOL! THe woman was like, this is a 650 phone if you bought it full price – you NEED TO PROTECT IT. I left shaking!

    Posted 4.15.11
  6. D wrote:

    vera you need to get the matte film cover for your iphone screen. i am obsessed with not scratching mine and it is fabulous

    Posted 4.17.11
    • Vera wrote:

      I have a cover – but I dont know which one it is?? it came with 2 more. and yes this iPhone has become like my child. so delicate. so precious. HAHAHHAHAH

      Posted 4.17.11
  7. Luana wrote:

    I am a Brahmin lover too. I have been drooling over the pecan crocodile series and my great husband bought me the Claudia Pecan Melbourne bag for me yesterday for an early annivery present! I am sooo…LUCKY! Now I will get a matching wallet to be complete. Ironic that you can own the bag for a year and if you tire of will sell on ebay for more than you paid for it! How luckky can a girl get?

    Posted 4.20.11

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