Change The Way You Handle Birthday Presents At Home: It’s SOW Easy

It seems like there is always some sort of holiday where gift-giving is involved. Literally, look at the calendar… almost every month of the year has one. At the very least, the grandparents want to spoil the kids… and so do we at times. What does this equate to? More “stuff.” There’s just so much stuff that it makes your head spin, plus the kids don’t really appreciate it all after a certain point anyway.



The thrill is somewhat gone when the treats and gifts come all the time. Plus, how can you even find anything anyway (speaking of which, time for a purge)???? Throw in birthdays, graduations, good grades and who knows what else, and it becomes an epidemic! All of those gift-giving occasions where we traditionally buy kids “more stuff” can be replaced by us supporting kids in their endeavors to reach meaningful goals instead. Doesn’t that sound like a much better, more productive way to go??

Let me tell you a little bit about a company that is letting this more productive way of celebrating happen… and it’s “sow” easy!!!

Sow is a platform that disrupts the broken gift-giving dynamic for young people by enabling those who love them to give gifts that support meaningful goals in their lives. With a focus on helping young people ages 0 to 22 use holidays, birthdays and special occasions as opportunities to save money with a purpose. Sow gives parents and young people the tools and inspiration to launch goals in three categories:

1. Saving towards future goals

  • Savings can be defined as savings for college, an investment account, a rainy day fund, or just saving in general

2. Sharing with those who are less fortunate

  • Sharing (your “causes”) is defined as the causes that you care most about — we can suggest one for you or you can choose your own

3. Spending wisely on things that matter

  • Spending (your wishes) is about young people saving for something that will be meaningful in their lives, whether it’s a bike or an ipad.

This video explains a bit more about Sow and how you can raise a Sower of your own!!!

Get it now? It’s so brilliant I can’t even. I just love it. Eliminate the clutter, reduce the constant, insatiable wanting and build for a goal and the future. Why wouldn’t’ we all transform gift-giving into goal-giving???

There’s so much satisfaction involved in reaching a goal and working towards something. There’s also a ton to be said about eliminating instant gratification… something today’s kids are too deeply involved in. It has to be now, right now… and that’s just not life, it’s not good.

Just think about it. Aside from all of this, Sow lets young people save with meaning and spend with purpose. They see the value of a dollar (am I my mother?), making money and even the holidays themselves as more meaningful.

There’s appreciation and the kids learn more about money and personal finance. With all of the debt today, teaching financial literacy to kids is vital and this is just another wonderful way to introduce it to them in a fun way.

Bonus! Sow saves the planet as we are no longer investing in plastic that will go in a landfill. Rather, and much more importantly, we are investing in a child’s hopes, goals and dreams. How can you top that? You pretty much cannot.

So, are you ready to sign up and Sow?! You can sign up your own kids or the kids in your lives — nieces, nephews, grandchildren, etc. Remember, it’s easy for you, your family and your friends to donate and make contributions towards goals that the kids are passionate about rather than buying them more goods.

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  1. Kita wrote:

    I will be signing my children up for this. I want them to understand the meaning of receiving meaningful gifts.

    Posted 4.1.16

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