Celebrity Stylist Michael O’Connor Offers Tips For Bathing Suit Shopping


It’s that time of year again – bathing suit season {grumble. grumble. grumble} . Lucky for us, Michael O’Connor – celebrity style and jewelry expert and TV commentator – gave me some insider tips  on the best bathing suit for different body types.

Women with taller body types often have a lankier look and are most often less curvaceous. That’s not to say that they can’t maximize the curves they have with some quick steps:

  • Horizontal stripes or patterns can counter balance a tall lean body type, especially when worn in a one-piece style. If you’ve got abs of steel though, show them off with a two piece bikini style that has a low rise waist.
  • Suits with halter-tops or adjustable straps allow a taller frame to tailor the fit.
  • Swimsuits with contrasting tops/bottoms create eye interest that breaks up a long torso.

Shorter women are often more curvaceous than their taller sisters but can give the illusion of being taller with these simple rules:

  • One-piece styles are quite flattering on shorter body types. The lack of interruption from top to bottom gives the illusion of length. Vertical stripes can accentuate this illusion and can minimize some curve. Additionally, higher cut bottoms lengthen the leg while lower cut cleavage areas maximize the vertical lines and create height.
  • Keep patterns minimal and colors uniform from top to bottom if you have your heart set on a two-piece style. If baby got back, pick a suit with a bottom that’s got a fuller cut in the back and a narrower cut in the front to keep everything in perspective.

If you’ve been blessed with generous proportions and ample curves some ideas that can keep things balanced are:

  • Choose a suit made with a little more spandex to help even out the curves. Some suits provide great underwire support. One piece styling in this type of suit can keep it all in shape.
  • If you choose a two piece style, square cut bottoms help pull in fuller hips and patterns on a dark background can be very slimming.

Athletic women may wish to accentuate or augment their curves by following these guidelines:

  • A contrasting lighter color top gives the illusion of being bustier. The reverse will make your hips look fuller. Two-piece wrap-and-tie styling or pieces with fabric frills or details on both top and bottoms give the illusion of width in both areas.
  • Fun florals and bold prints as well as belted styles help to create fullness while cut out sides on a one-piece style pull the eyes center and create curves

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