Celebrate Your Child’s Dreamer Traits


Last night, my daughter and I sat down for a little one-on-one time. I saw this quiz online and I thought it would be fun to see what my answers would reveal about my little girl. The quiz, titled “Dreamer Traits in Children: A Quiz for SheKnows,” was obviously pretty simple to get through. I mean, who else would know more about her ten year old than her mother??

I had my daughter sit by my side as I read the answers aloud and circled what I thought would be the right choices. Astonishingly, so many of my multiple-choice answers were the same letter. We actually started to laugh about it.

Clearly there was a pattern here folks!

I had a budding artist and you know what? That made absolute sense! According to her profile, Natalie should have a passion for creativity and she can express it through a career in industries such as music/ art / dance / culinary or journalism.

We are currently in the music and acting stage.

Over the summer, my daughter participated in a 30-day acting intensive and rounded it out with 2 amazing shows. It was so wonderful to see her on stage. I’m actually not so sure I can put my emotions into words. I was just so proud of my daughter – my little 10 year old. I guess because I knew that at 10 I could NEVER have done something like that!!

Two weekends ago, she auditioned to take part in a play that is taking place at a local college! Here she is learning the moves with the rest of the hopefuls. Natalie received a callback and we are currently waiting to hear what part she earned!

So, it was really amazing to get confirmation that we are allowing her to flourish in the right direction. Even Natalie was excited to hear that she was an artist.

“I know, Mom! I love to draw and sing and dance! Maybe I can be a dancer when I’m older?”

Take the quiz with your child by clicking on this link. There’s 10 simple questions and be prepared to have a little laugh as well. When we began to talk about how Natalie cleans up her room, it turned into a side discussion revolving about some of her tricky habits. I just love one on one time with my angel.

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*I’ve teamed up with SheKnows to promote the “Dreamer Traits in Children Quiz”.

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