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Caring For Giants Tour At Animal Kingdom: A New Backstage Experience For The Entire Family #DisneySMMC

Walt Disney World is launching a brand new family-friendly backstage tour at Animal Kingdom called “Caring for Giants” that allows guests a unique experience to get up close and personal with elephants. I had the chance to take the tour before Disney officially opened up the tour to the general public.

Caring For Giants Tour At Animal Kingdom

In fact, I was part of the first group of non-cast members to do so! Totally amazing! What I experienced was something that was simply magical.

Not only did I learn about Disney’s conversation efforts and how they directly impacted hundreds of families back in Africa, but I got to learn about the personal behaviors and relationships of the majestic animals that call Animal Kingdom home on a regular basis.

Caring For Giants Tour At Animal Kingdom: A New Backstage Experience For The Entire Family

One on one time with Stella – the newest member of the elephant family? I’ll take it!! And not only did I take it, but I learned all about her dynamic with her brother and sisters.

You will get so much more information on the Caring for Giants tour than you would on board the safari tour. If you are planning a trip to Disney, mark your calendar because Caring for Giants officially opens on March 12th for guests!!

How long will the Caring for Giants tour last?

It is estimated that the tour will last for about an hour. Guests will meet by the Safari entrance and then get escorted onto several small buses that will whisk them around backstage and to the viewing station.  

Each group will contain around 14 or so guests and there will be about 10 tours a day. These are estimates from the tour. Once the Caring for Giants tour launches, final numbers might vary.

What will you learn from the Caring for Giants experts?

Dedicated animal care experts will teach guests all about how the elephants are cared for and how each specific elephant interacts with one another. For example, did you know that the male elephants are kept away from the females and their children?

And there is always a matriarch who pretty much dictates what happens to the rest of the group? Very interesting!! As far as their well-being is concerned, elephants get baths every single day and even get their blood drawn every morning.

This ritual builds trust between the animals and the caregivers. Everything happens for a reason.  African cultural representatives will also be on hand.

They will share stories of Disney’s conservation efforts and explain how the research that is done in the park is having a direct impact on the world. I don’t want to ruin the stories for you – but these were AMAZING!!!!

Is the Caring for Giants tour worth it?

Yes. I had such a wonderful time backstage watching and learning about the elephant families. It was actually my favorite part of the entire day at Animal Kingdom. I have a 3-year-old, a 9-year-old and an 11-year-old and I know that all of them would have enjoyed the tour immensely. Who doesn’t love elephant!?

To have a space to freely walk around and watch elephants spend time with the ones they love while being able to ask all the questions you’d like to real experts – it was incredible!!

Unfortunately, I have no pictures to share because the space wasn’t ready yet to share with the world, but you will be able to take as many selfies as you want… or should I say elphies. Oh man, I couldn’t help it.

How much does the Caring for Giants tour cost?

The tour costs $30 per guests. You can book right at the park or online through Disney’s website. If you are a pass holder or a DVC Members, you are eligible for a discount. To book the Caring for Giants tour, please call 407-WDW-TOUR.

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