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Can We Do This? Taking A Road Trip From New York To Florida


I’m so afraid… but I’m so ready for this. Well, maybe?

In November, the entire family will take a trip down to Florida. We are going on a Disney Cruise and in an attempt to save money… we are thinking about driving down. Perhaps making pit stops in Virginia and Georgia. You know if I’m driving down I HAVE to hit up Paula Deen’s restaurant!!

Anyway, there are some days when I’m really excited about the drive and then there are days when I wake up thinking I’m literally insane.

Do we really want to do this with an 8 month old? I think my older kids will be able to handle the ride… but will Caleb? And WILL I BE ABLE TO for that matter???

Can you talk to me about road trips? Have you had success with really little ones?


Monday 4th of March 2013

It'll be a blast! Caleb will probably sleep a huge chunk of the time (and so will Liam and Natalie, probably!). Think about the huge savings!

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