Using The Stop and Shop Circular To Coupon

This is one of my proudest moments as a couponing wife. I mean – can you imagine sending your husband to the grocery store with a list of couponing deals and a Stop and Shop circular … and having him come home successfully completing it? I’m in shock! But in a good way. Is that rude to say? I hope not. I don’t mean it that way. I thought that the Stop and Shop circular was going to completely freak him out, but it didn’t. He rocked it! He couponed his way right through the store. Come and check out what he brought home. 

Using The Stop and Shop Circular To Coupon

Bill's First Couponing Trip With A Stop and Shop Circular

Bill’s First Couponing Trip With A Stop and Shop Circular

I asked him very gently – I said that he didn’t have to do anything at all unless he really wanted to. NO PRESSURE. Since I’m on bed rest, I think he threw me a bone. I gave him a small list to test out and he came back winning BIG. I know I shouldn’t care about couponing now that I am on bedrest, but I think if you are a couponer… you know that the urge to save just doesn’t go away.

All I do ALL DAY LONG is look at deals online or in the newspaper. I figure them out and then I KNOW THAT I CAN’T GET THEM because I am not allowed to move. So, when I saw the few great deals in this week’s Stop and Shop circular, I just had to ask. We literally live three blocks away from that supermarket. It would be a 5-minute drive at BEST. And BOOM – he said no problem! AND he WENT. And he got everything I circled in that Stop and Shop circular with EASE OMG. 

Stop and Shop receipt with coupon savings

We signed up for a new Stop and Shop card because I wanted to have a clean slate and walked away with a pretty big discount.

The price before savings was $15.36. TOTAL AFTER SAVINGS was $2.14. There’s no point in me really telling you the breakdown because the new Stop and Shop circular started today. EEK! Sorry. I know it’s super short notice. Moving forward, I will post these with enough time for you to take advantage of the Stop and Shop bargains.


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