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Big Hero 6 Premiere: Walked The Red Carpet, Saw The Movie And Attended The After-Party!! #bighero6event

This week, I attended the Big Hero 6 red carpet premiere in LA. I walked the red carpet with 25 bloggers that were invited as Disney’s special movie guests. It was really special to watch the movie alongside the director, stars, animators and everybody else that was involved with the making of the film. I held onto that throughout the entire film. The person who designed “that building” is watching it for the first time on the big screen in THIS ROOM. Really special vibe. I have to say. Lots of positive energy!! Such a great night.

But let’s talk about the red carpet first.

Big Hero 6 Premiere

The group gathered together in our hotel lobby for a few quick pictures. I wore the same dress I wore while attending the Muppets premiere because honestly… I couldn’t get it together to find a dress for this event. I had to buy one for the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ night and that took it ALL OUT OF ME. I couldn’t afford to buy another one — so I just double dipped!! 🙂


So, here’s the deal with the red carpet. You only have so much time to get across. USUALLY, people (security guards) are rushing you RIGHT ALONG. So, you try to take as many pictures as you can in the beginning and hope for the best. I’ve only been on three different red carpets …. so I am not an expert by ANY MEANS. But that’s been the VIBE thus far.

Well, not at Big Hero 6. No one was rushing anyone. We were fanatically taking shots and getting ready to be told to take our seats and…. no one talked to us. Huh?! Amazing!! So, it allowed for us to get a lot more photos together!! It was SUPER.

big_hero_6_premiere_3We even ran into the kids from ‘Black-ish’ and their parents let them take a pic with the group. Another unexpected surprise!! I have a FULL BLOWN interview post coming up about this show. Not only did we interview the creator and some of the cast, but we did a set visit as well. SUPER COOL.



Big Hero 6 Premiere

You can’t let these once-in-a-lifetime-experiences pass you by. You try very hard to be present and in the moment, but the red carpet is a whirlwind of an adventure. I took a million pictures and then thankfully because we weren’t being rushed off, I was able to settle and really process what was around me. Everyone that touched this film was there. Everyone that was rooting for Big Hero 6 was there … and they brought their families to support as well! I loved it!!

All smiles. All hugs. All great moments. And we were lucky enough to witness it all!

Here’s one more thought. Disney is this HUGE / MEGA / SUPER company, right? But for one night… I was sitting with the actual people that made that film. It wasn’t high-level / untouchable / bigger-than-life “Disney”. It was “that father” proudly sitting with his two children. The entire theatre was filled with tangible humans and suddenly I saw Disney for what it was – not a corporation but simply a team of men and women filled with talent and passion and joy.

I have another post coming up about the actual Big Hero 6 movie, but the long short of it is… GO SEE IT! I KNOW my kids are going to love the film. I KNOW which characters they are going to be drawn to. I KNOW that they are going to want to do more science because of this film (and thank you Disney for that).

Big Hero 6 releases THIS FRIDAY — like TOMORROW! I hope you get out this weekend with the family to check it out!


Molly Gold

Friday 7th of November 2014

You are SO perfect for sharing these kinds of fabulous events ~ LOVE it Vera!

Jo-Lynne Shane

Friday 7th of November 2014

What an AMAZING experience!!!!!!

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