BIC Wants To Know What Your Kids Would Do If They Were Principal For A Day (contest) #BICFightForYourWrite

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Why Handwriting Is Imporant

It’s back to school time and things are starting to happen. Supplies, books, summer reading, math packets. It’s all going down now that camps are wrapping up and the clock is turning and moving along. It’s always so much faster than it seems like it should be, but I’m pretty sure it’s been that way since he beginning of time.

We are smack in the middle of a time of great change, though. Things are a lot different than when I grew up. It seems like more and more of our day is spent typing on our computer and phones than ever before. At the same time, writing is becoming a lost art. It’s not something that I like…at all. Handwriting is important for people and it is still important for society as a whole.

The art form has numerous emotional and cognitive benefits for children. For one, it’s an essential part of a child’s education and helps them express their creativity and develop their best self! Also, research shows that handwriting promotes critical thinking, reading comprehension, fine motor skills development, creativity and even self-confidence. There’s just too much to be said for the connection writing has with a child’s development to ignore!

This is why Bic is on a mission to fight for a child’s write! It’s just too important to not focus on it! Are you and your kids doing enough to fight the “tech tide?” For example, experts recommend at least 15 minutes of handwriting each day! This really is simple enough, so we make sure they get their work in each and every day, even during the summer. I know, it’s the summer, but  I will make sure that it keeps happening!

The importance of writing simply can’t be overstated. Did you know that handwriting engages 14 different abilities? That’s crazy! Take a look:

Bic Handwriting 14 abilities

Isn’t that enough to convince anyone of the importance of handwriting?? It’s more than enough for me!

The Contest

BIC wants to get your kids thinking and writing all about it, so they came up with a really great contest. I just love this idea and this question, and I’m pretty sure your kids will to. They will eat this up and be super excited to get into details, just like mine were.

Bic wants to know what your child(ren) would do if they were principal for a day!

This should be easy for your kids. They probably dream about making rules for their school every day, LOL! Natalie and Liam jumped right to it. It was actually tougher for them to narrow it down a bit. They have a lot of, um, productive and unique ideas about how a school and school year should run.

My Kids’ Ideas

Ok, so, aside from the typos (you can see I didn’t prompt them), there seems to be a them…trips to amusement parks, candy, and no school. Ok, sounds like summer all yearlong. Got it.

Natalie is 11 and she’s going into 6th grade. This is a new school, the middle school, which is almost like high school with lockers, homeroom, and changing classes.

Bic Principal Contest Natalie Bic Principal Contest 2

Liam is 9 and he’s going into 4th grade.

Bic Principal Contest Liam 2 Bic Principal Contest

Well, I’m not sure the school administrator will be calling for advice anytime soon, but just in case you need it, here are some great thought starters for you and your kids!

  • What are you looking forward to most this school year?
  • What is your favorite subject?
  • What do you like about it?
  • What is your favorite activity at recess?
  • What are the two places you like most on the playground?
  • What is one thing you learned last school year?
  • What is one thing you want to learn more about this school year?
  • Who is your favorite teacher and why?
  • Who is your best friend at school, and why?
  • Do you think math [or any subject] is too easy or too hard? Why?
  • Can you write and illustrate a favorite vocabulary word that you learned in school?

I hope that helped out if you needed it.

Contest Details

Once you have your answer all set and ready to go, simply take a picture of their handwritten response and enter on That’s it! You could WIN a $10,000 scholarship!

No Purchase Necessary. U.S. only, 21+. Ends 8/15/16. Click here for Official Rules and details:

While you and your kids are diving deep into this and other handwriting activities, remember that school is fast approaching for everyone! I know, it’s crazy, but it’s true. All the supplies need to be purchased and ready to go before you know it! Bic is always, ahem, on point with their products. It just makes dealing with a new school year and all the work that brings just a little bit easier.

Bic Principal Contest Product 3 Bic Principal Contest Product 2 Bic Principal Contest Product

Make Sure To Stock Up On Writing Supplies

Here are some of my family’ favorite Bic products. I know you’re going to love these, too. We use every single one of these products and can’t get enough of them. Multiple runs to the store to restock!

To find out more about Bic the Fight For Your Write campaign, please check out:

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  1. Your kids will be cool principals! I love those very easy homework and class parties ideas! I’m sure my kids would vote for class parties too! 🙂

    Posted 8.12.16
  2. Tara wrote:

    This sounds like a great contest. With today’s technology children don’t spend enough time writing. They don’t even teach cursive in school anymore.

    Posted 8.12.16
  3. Shauna wrote:

    You know, I just started getting my kids to be pen pals to some friends across the country. It is super-important for them to get used to writing 🙂 I still love cursive…

    Posted 8.12.16
  4. What a great freebie for dog owners!

    Posted 8.15.16
  5. Reesa Lewandowski wrote:

    Both of your kids seem to want theme parks! Hey it’s educational right? I would definitely attend.

    Posted 8.15.16
  6. OMg this is awesome. I am so getting my son to enter if he meets age requirements. We could use this scholarship as he intends to become an aerospace engineer adn Embry Riddle ain’t cheap.

    Posted 8.16.16

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