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Begin An Amazing 2016 With A Family Vacation And A Rental Car From Alamo

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With the new year coming up very quickly, it’s always a great time to reassess how the previous year went and plan how the upcoming year will go. With a little planning, we can all have a fab 2016! Now’s the time to think about how you can incorporate new life experiences to strengthen your family bond and to open your children’s eyes to new and exciting experiences and inspiration.

What’s on your bucket list that you just HAVE to check off?

What’s more memorable than a family vacation? You know I’m a girl who likes to put some miles on my frequent flyer card. I’m all about the travel!!! It’s truly a passion of mine and I hope to make it a passion for every one in my family as well.

That’s why I am so PROUD to announce that I am joining Alamo’s Ambassadorship program once again in 2016…and it feels so good!! I will have the privilege and the pleasure to be sharing my thoughts here, via social media, and on the Alamo Scenic Route page!!!

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Ok, so back to the planning. It’s always so difficult for me to pick a location(s) since there are just so many destinations I would love to see (or see again). I seek out online and magazine articles talking about the best family vacation spots and I OF COURSE ask friends and family for family vacation ideas. Sure, it can be intense, but isn’t that part of the fun? Maybe not as fun as the actual trip… but there’s something to setting up a fun vacation for the little ones – soup to nuts! Maybe in my former life I was a travel agent. 🙂

Alamo Car Rental

In 2016, Bill and I have decided it’s the right time to get serious about saving money. We are looking for a new house in town, we want to have a little cushion for today, and we have some long-term planning goals to worry about (hello college). As a result, most of the trips we seek out will be fun, but affordable. There are so many factors that go into the expense of a trip. To try to keep the expenses down, we will be searching for deals and using membership points to pay for some of our expenses. It pays to be loyal!

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When you rent a car with Alamo, you get everyday low prices from a brand you trust and you will literally (I mean literally) save hundreds to thousands of dollars in the process (and you won’t feel all wet…see what I did there). When on your trip, it’s very comforting that you can also pretty much come and go as you please, on your time and schedule. Jumpstarting your vacation and getting right to the family fun is so much easier.

Don’t exactly love where you are? That’s ok, just go to another spot. It’s amazing the freedom you have when you rent a car and drive. These more affordable and convenient adventures also allows you more time and money to see more things and make even more memories per getaway.

Seriously, I am a convert, and it may be my #1 affordable travel tip. Just be sure to have plenty of car games and entertainment handy (which is so easy today with DVD players, books, and iPads.)

Alamo Insiders

Now that you are motivated to rent a car,  be sure to sign up right now for the Alamo Insiders loyalty club. The membership is free membership and you get to cash in on 5% off retail rental rates!!! It’s so easy!

Drive Happy. Save Plenty. Enjoy!! Can’t wait to share more with you through 2016!!!

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