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We Had A Beary Good Time At The Vermont Teddy Bear Factory #spotthesweeneys


One of our favorite stops so far on this road trip was the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory! Not only did we get a behind-the-scenes look at operations, but the children got to make their very own souvenirs!

When Bill and I were dating (way back in 1998), we took a trip up to Vermont and visited the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory. He made me a bear which I loved to pieces for years and years to come. So, this place holds a special place in my heart. I was SO HAPPY to bring my kids back now as a family unit.

Full circle and all that.



First up – behind the curtain. Busy time is usually the holidays, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. During those times, this factory can see up to 200+ workers. During average months, the entire operation can run with the help of about 30+ employees. It’s all done here. Building, Boxing, Shipping – you name it! Made in Vermont!!! 🙂


And nothing goes to waste either. You know all that excess fur that comes from making a bear? Well, the Vermont Teddy Bear factory puts it in a huge bin and allows the workers to take it all home to use for DIY projects. Love that! If I worked there…. I would have a bear rug in every room of my house.


Now onto the actual tour! Your children will be able to see how a bear is made soup to nuts. Or should I say… paw to tail? You have to walk through the store first. So, you know that took a bit of effort to get Natalie to move through all the lovable hugs just waiting for her at every turn.


Tour begins with a little history. We learned about the different names of the bears, the founder, the reason why a teddy bear is called a teddy bear (google Teddy Roosevelt if you don’t know the answer) and every kid (big and small) got their hands on a bear to hug.


And did you know that within the Vermont Teddy Bear’s eye it says “Born In Vermont”. COOL! Did not know that!!!!


Oh! And here’s a peek at the ORIGINAL Vermont Teddy Bear. I’m talking first edition folks!! Some might have called it an epic fail. Me? I love him!! Bearcho – you are adorable!!

Click on the continue reading link below to see the rest of the pics and story.


The tour shows you how they create the bears, what happens if one of them gets “sick” (like if you run it over, burn it, etc), the different clothing options, why there is an air hole in the box, and so on and so on. The kids enjoyed every station! They were eager to learn more which is always a good sign.


If you’d like – once the tour is over – you can make your very own bear. You start it all off with a wish and a kiss onto the bear’s heart. This gets placed inside the bear and then the stuffed animal gets… stuffed.


Then it’s time for a certificate. The birth certificate!!! An actual time stamp is placed to mark the last stitch sewed. So beary cute. 🙂


image_19 image_20

And of course we couldn’t leave without a little ham. 🙂 I had the kids run around and take a million pictures before we left. I had as much fun as they did!!

* company provided tickets to take the tour


Friday 9th of August 2013

the little girl is so cute. welcome to liztoys.


Friday 2nd of August 2013

this is so beary sweet!

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