Beaches In Turks And Caicos: 6 Quick Tips Every Family Should Check Out

Can I just tell you how MAGICAL this place is? Beaches in Turks and Caicos is certainly a place that I would tell ANYONE to visit. There is something for everyone. My daughter keeps saying, “I could get used to living like this.” I bet she could!

We’ve been here for a few days and there are some tips that I wanted to pass along.

Dining: The restaurants on the property aren’t opened up all day long. Some only serve dinner and lunch. Some only serve adults. It’s important to ask for the list from the front desk so you can plan accordingly. When we finally arrived to Beaches, it was somewhere around 4PM. We were STARVING. Luckily, the Italian Villa section (where we are staying) had a place that still served food. Keep that paper with you at all times. It comes in handy – especially when you are looking for a mid-afternoon snack.

There are parades!!!! Yes, this is something we happened upon and were so thankful we did. Again – there are pamphlets (that we should have read) made available to you when you check in. I guess this post should read – TALK TO SOMEONE WHO WORKS THERE. LOL

The kids went WILD when they saw Sesame Street characters prancing around to music. If you want, you could actually become PART of the fun and follow the group around the entire property. What a great moment for the children.

On the beach, there are these little cabanas that you can claim if you get there early enough. I had Bill go down around 7:30 and put our stuff on one so we can be nice and close to the water. Truth be told, it never gets CRAZY CROWDED anywhere. I mean it – it’s been really pleasant so far. But I wanted to make sure I was in the shade.

I also brought along my Kipling tote for my camera / video camera / sunglass case etc. and Liam’s Kipling backpack which was filled with goggles, sunscreen, and a few toys for the kids. HOWEVER – we didn’t really need the toys because there were buckets and shovels all over the place. Nice to know that Beaches actually provides this little detail.

Easy Excursions: See that boat? You can sign up for all types of excursions. Beaches makes it nice and easy. I’m pretty sure you can make reservations right on the beach! How convenient!

Pirates Island Water Park: And get ready for action because the water park on property is AWESOME!!! I couldn’t believe it! The family strolled along on that lazy river about 60 times. We just kept going around and around. But beyond that there are a ton of slides and water play areas. So don’t worry about running out of things to do… it’s just not the case. We haven’t even had a chance to walk around to the other sections yet! Can you imagine?

Bunk bed: I’m not 100% certain if every single room has bunk beds for kids but… the option is available. My kids levitated when they saw and I had to let you know!! Natalie and Liam both screamed at the top of their lungs when we walked into our room. This – I believe – was the highlight of their trip. LOL!


I have so many more posts to write up about Beaches in Turks and Caicos! This is one family trip I won’t soon forget. Stay tuned.

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  1. Love the pics and they are bringing back so many memories. And yes the BUNK BEDS were probably the highlight of my kids trip too. xoxo

    Posted 8.31.12
  2. brian tirs wrote:

    Can you do a video of your kipling bag collection and post it to youtube?

    Posted 10.23.12
  3. Roger Curry wrote:

    Don’t ever attempt to get information form their CEO–you will be ignored! Furtunatley, theier island service is much better than their corporate office service!

    Posted 12.6.12

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