Beach Bag Essentials For Families On The Go: The Ultimate Checklist #seethelyte

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Summer, Summer, Summertime…

What? No Will Smith fans with me today? You know you’re out there!

I love the beach. I mean love it in a BIG WAY. We try our hardest to get to the ocean a few times a month. I’m lucky enough to work from home – so it usually happens fairly easily. However, there’s a few special factors that we have to consider when my family hits the sand.

  1. I am a migraine sufferer.
  2. We have a little baby.

What does this mean? Preparation is key! If we are planning on staying for the entire day, I need supplies and if this Type-A person is good at anything, it’s making a checklist and sticking to it! Want to know what I always bring with me to the beach? Let’s break it down.

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The towels, umbrella, goggles and sunscreen are all a given, right? I especially need an umbrella because my baby cannot be out in the sun all day and if I’m being honest neither can I. If I get too much sun, my migraines begin to skyrocket out of my eye sockets. How is that for a visual?? I have to stay shaded as much as possible these days.

The beach we like to patron doesn’t have a food stand. It’s really small and quiet – just the way we like it. That’s why it’s crucial to pack a mean cooler. I really fill it to the top with everything we might want for the day. From peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to frozen grapes and more! Better to be safe than sorry.

Now… reading material is almost a joke. I mean, a mom with three kids bringing a book to the beach????  HA! Insert SNORT HERE. But sometimes, my husband takes all three of the kids for a walk and I am left behind to watch over all of our things. You better believe I whip out one of my books – even if it’s for 5 minutes – when given the chance. You never know people!! Just bring one along.


Water bottles are an absolute necessity. I like to freeze them overnight if I get my act together that far in advance. Every person gets their own. Like I said, we have to bring everything when we go to the beach. To play it safe, I also like to bring Pedialyte Powder Packs with me because it is CRITICAL to stay hydrated when you are out in the sun all day. This goes for my children and for myself. As someone who is very sensitive to heat, if I get slightly dehydrated, I immediately get a migraine. Staying on top of it with Pedialyte Powder Packs ensures I don’t have to cut the day short because I’m not feeling well. With flavors like strawberry lemonade and orange  – it’s easy to do just that!


By the way, Pedialyte has half the sugar and 2x the sodium of other traditionally recommended drinks (e.g., juice, soda) to promote absorption and helps replenish more of what people lose from dehydration. So, when you want to reach for something that will work and work fast… this is it.

Toys. Bah-ring toys. Shovels, pails, even things from your kitchen – whatever works! Your children will want to dig. It’s genetic. I don’t know ? I can’t figure out the need but MOATS need to be made and tools are required!! If you don’t have any at home, run to the dollar store and pick up a few cheap items. Leave them in your car! You will thank me later. “I’m bored,” will never be heard if you have enough equipment with you.

Of course, you need sunglasses and a change of clothes. But consider bringing cornstarch baby powder to help get rid of the pesky remaining pieces of sand that just won’t leave your toes. It works! Trust me! Sprinkle a little on your feet and hands and rub CLEAN. And don’t forget a swimsuit bag that is lined with plastic on the inside. Everything is going to be wet. You don’t need anything soaking through. Don’t have one? No problem! Bring a plastic bag instead.

We don’t always let our children shower at the beach, but when we do we bring Ultra Swim shampoo and conditioner. It’s THE summer washing kit you need. I buy BINS of it at the beginning of each season.

Last but not least, a phone charger! Not one that plugs into the wall. Instead, opt for a back up charger that has a full charge for your phone because if you are playing music (or Clash of Clans) while working on your tan, your battery is going to die and you won’t know how to act. Remember what it was like in 1995? Me neither! Do you even have a quarter in your purse to make a phone call these days? Better yet – are there any more phone booths on the Boardwalk?? Doubtful!


What’s in your summer beach bag? Any special items that stand out that you’d like to share? Would love to hear!!

I’m working with Pedialyte to help promote their Pedialyte Powder Packs. All opinions are my own.

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