Attended The Movie Premiere Of Rio 2 In Miami: GREAT Movie!! PLUS Visa Gift Card GIVEAWAY

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How fun was THIS!? I was invited to attend the red carpet premiere of Rio 2. The cartoon was so CUTE. I have to be honest with you — the music was off the HOOK! I got the soundtrack and have been playing it ever since. Parents and children alike will enjoy this animated flick for SURE. And I promise you… you will be dancing in your seats. LOL!

It was a quick trip to Miami and you know I wasn’t complaining. The Northeast is having a winter that refuses to accept that it’s actually spring! When the warmth of the Miami sun hit my skin, I just about melted but in a good way. I had about an hour to change into my dress and then off we went to the screening!



Everyone put on their 3-D glasses and grabbed some popcorn before the movie started. I loved the first movie and couldn’t wait to see what would happen in the sequel.


I particularly found the story to be hilarious because I could TOTALLY relate. A family of city birds making a trip to the Amazon to help friends in danger. They had to give up their easy living / human-like habits and become one with nature. Some of the family members (Blue in particular) had a hard time adjusting and you KNOW I was nodding my head in my seat thinking “I GET IT BLU! I GET IT!” 🙂

Here’s the full synopsis:

The entire cast of the animated smash RIO returns in RIO 2, and they are joined by a new flock of top actors and musical talents. Rich with grandeur, character, color and music, RIO 2 finds Jewel (Anne Hathaway), Blu (Jesse Eisenberg) and their three kids leaving their domesticated life in that magical city for a journey to the Amazon. They encounter a menagerie of characters who are born to be wild, voiced by Oscar nominee Andy Garcia, Oscar/Emmy/Tony-winner Rita Moreno, Grammy winner Bruno Mars, and Tony winner Kristin Chenoweth.

I don’t want to give away spoilers to the film because I like when people walk into the theatre with a fresh and clean mind. BUT —— I have to say that the MUSIC WAS JUST INCREDIBLE!! I mean when Kristin Chenoweth sang her solo I actually FORGOT I was watching a cartoon. I felt like I was on Broadway. The fact that a FROG was making such a beautiful sound escaped me. It was AMAZING!! And when I met her… I TOLD HER THAT. Oh yes, I met the cast and interviewed them!!  A post on the interviews is coming up! Just you wait!!!


Once the movie was over, we got our passes to the Rio 2 red carpet premiere party and off we went back to our hotel – the Fontainebleau. By the way, if you ever go to Miami, I suggest that you stay in this hotel. It was – hands down – the coolest hotel I have ever been to IN MY LIFE. I mean the lobby was like a club. I was DYING!



rio_2_premiere_2.jpg rio_2_premiere.jpg

The Rio 2 red carpet ended up actually being BLUE. We saw all the stars of the movie walk the press line and do their interviews.  Then the party started!! The dancers broke a Guinness Book of World Record for Samba Dancing! How cool!! I don’t know how many were dancing – but it was so fun to watch!! If only I knew the routine!! UGH 🙂

We were also treated to a concert by Janelle Monae. Can you stand it?! She was amazing! I filmed some of her concert here – check it out!!!


I had such an amazing time with the group!! Stay tuned for the INTERVIEW POST!! We had a chance to interview SO MANY OF THE RIO 2 STARS! What a weekend!! Honestly, I couldn’t believe it. So much fun!!

Rio 2 hits theaters on April 11th. Are you planning on taking the kids to see this movie???



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  1. CR Williams wrote:

    Look like you had a great time. Thanks for the giveaway.

    Posted 4.1.14
  2. It was so much fun and so glad we could hang out!!

    Posted 4.1.14
    • Vera wrote:

      LOVED hanging out with you TINA!!

      Posted 4.2.14
  3. Soha Molina wrote:

    Did see the first and want to see the second.

    Posted 4.2.14
    • Vera wrote:

      yes I did — totally was looking forward to sequel

      Posted 4.2.14
  4. Erika C. wrote:

    Yes our family watched the first Rio- it was amazing. We do plan to see Rio 2 in the theaters!

    Posted 4.2.14
  5. Lisa Brown wrote:

    i did not see the first, i will wait for DVD and see both.

    Posted 4.2.14
  6. Mary Happymommy wrote:

    We saw Rio recently on TV. My daughter would enjoy seeing Rio 2.

    Posted 4.2.14
  7. Christie L wrote:

    Yes we have watched the original Rio movie many times. My kids love the music and the fun adventure that Blu and Jewel go on in Rio. Yes we are planning on seeing the new movie. We can’t wait!

    Posted 4.2.14
  8. Rebecca @RUtheMOMof wrote:

    We saw the 1st RIO more times than I should admit LOL and can’t wait to see RIO 2 on opening weekend. Bummed that I didn’t go to the premiere since I live 20 minutes from all the you guys had.

    Posted 4.2.14
  9. MJ wrote:

    Yep, we watch the first one all the time. Looking forward to #2!

    Posted 4.2.14
  10. Sheila K. wrote:

    We’ll see them both on DVD!

    Posted 4.2.14
  11. Kim Henrichs wrote:

    Loved it! Such a fun movie. Definitely want to see the second one.
    skyejaden at gmail dot com

    Posted 4.2.14
  12. Emily Adams wrote:

    We have seen Rio and my daughter really wants to see the second one, we will probably wait til the second one comes out on DVD!

    Posted 4.2.14
  13. Melissa M wrote:

    Yes and can’t wait to see Rio 2

    Posted 4.2.14
  14. Elena wrote:

    Yes, and I would love to see Rio 2!

    Posted 4.2.14
  15. Donna L wrote:

    We will probably watch these on DVD.

    Posted 4.2.14
  16. Jessie C. wrote:

    We plan to see Rio2, DDs love the first one as well.

    Posted 4.2.14
  17. CR Williams wrote:

    I never saw the first one.

    Posted 4.2.14
  18. Elle wrote:

    We just saw the first Rio movie on television and definitely plan to see the second.

    Posted 4.2.14
  19. natalie yeoman wrote:

    yes i saw the first one and i do plan on seeing the 2nd it looks really cute

    Posted 4.2.14
  20. steve weber wrote:

    I didnt see the first.. I plan on seeing them both though.

    Posted 4.2.14
  21. Sarah Hall wrote:

    My grandson and I saw Rio and are really looking forward to seeing Rio 2.

    Posted 4.2.14
  22. Annette wrote:

    I didn’t see the first Rio, but maybe I should rent it before I see the second Rio (which I do want to see).

    Posted 4.2.14
  23. Karen Glatt wrote:

    I saw the First Rio and I loved it! I will be seeing the Rio 2 in the theater with my niece and nephew!
    email [email protected]

    Posted 4.2.14
  24. Amanda Sakovitz wrote:

    Yes I saw the first one and would see the second!

    Posted 4.2.14
  25. Tian A. wrote:

    Yes I watched Rio first and plan to take my daughter to watch Rio2, thank you for the chance.

    Posted 4.2.14
  26. Kelly D wrote:

    I saw the first Rio and I would like to take my kids to see Rio2.

    Posted 4.2.14
  27. Joanne Gregory wrote:

    I have not seen it but plan to do so.

    Posted 4.2.14
  28. Angela wrote:

    I haven’t seen either of them but I will!

    Posted 4.2.14
  29. Lynn wrote:

    I have! iloved the singing, not sure if i’m watching rio2, there’s so many movies out this year i want to watch

    Posted 4.2.14
  30. Cynthia R wrote:

    Yep we saw Rio, super cute that’s why we are so excited to see Rio 2. Great giveaway!

    Posted 4.2.14
  31. Ben wrote:

    I have seen neither of them yet

    Posted 4.2.14
  32. Thomas Murphy wrote:

    I saw the first Rio and want to the the 2nd.

    Posted 4.2.14
  33. Chelsea B. wrote:

    I LOVED Rio! I can’t wait to see Rio 2! Thanks for sharing about your trip with us! 🙂

    Posted 4.2.14
  34. heather wrote:

    Yes we saw the first Rio and we can’t wait to see the second one.

    Posted 4.3.14
  35. sandra davis wrote:

    yes i saw the first Rio. it was so cute

    Posted 4.3.14
  36. heta s wrote:

    Yes, I liked it and sure going to watch Rio2.

    Posted 4.3.14
  37. Amy Orvin wrote:

    Yes, I saw the 1st Rio and plan to see this 2nd.
    [email protected]

    Posted 4.3.14
  38. Harolde wrote:

    Saw the first one, yes we are planning on going. I will be bringing the grandkids.

    Posted 4.3.14
  39. Heather Hayes Panjon wrote:

    Yes I Saw The First Movie And I Plan On Seeing RIO2 In Theaters.

    Posted 4.3.14
  40. Gail Rosenstrom wrote:

    Watched Rio with my 14 year old son. Very Funny! Hope the 2nd ones just as good!

    Posted 4.4.14
  41. Nichol Perez wrote:

    Yes. We saw the first Rio as a family and would love to see Rio 2 as a family.

    Posted 4.4.14
  42. Dawn K wrote:

    Yes, I saw the first one on dvd, but we will go to the theater for this one.

    Posted 4.4.14
  43. Aly wrote:

    We’ve seen Rio many times in our house and definitely plan on seeing Rio2 in the theaters!

    amorellcont at gmail dot com

    Posted 4.4.14
  44. Patty McCabe wrote:

    We loved Rio & are looking forward to Rio 2!!!

    Posted 4.5.14
  45. D Schmidt wrote:

    We did see the first movie and intend on taking our children to see the second one.

    Posted 4.5.14
  46. courtney b wrote:

    we plan on seeing it sometime very soon!

    Posted 4.6.14
  47. Tina W wrote:

    I saw the first Rio with my niece and nephew, who I will take again for this one.

    Posted 4.6.14
  48. Sarah VM wrote:

    We saw the first Rio and we are planning on seeing the second one. Thanks!

    Posted 4.6.14
  49. Jennifer Reed wrote:

    I did see the first Rio movie and I plan to see Rio 2 as soon as we can. It looks very cute!
    jenysa at comcast dot net

    Posted 4.6.14
  50. Rod Jackson wrote:

    Yes we are goilng. Loved the first Rio.
    mrsrodjac at hotmail dot com

    Posted 4.6.14
  51. Jordan wrote:

    I didn’t get to see the first one! I would love to see the sequel though! 🙂

    Posted 4.6.14
  52. illy junus wrote:

    I did see the 1st Rio and planning on see the 2nd one.
    illyjunus at gmail dot com

    Posted 4.6.14
  53. Sents Saver wrote:

    I have and I do plan on seeing the 2nd one!

    Posted 4.6.14
  54. Iliana R wrote:

    I did see the first movie and I definitely would love to see the second one!

    [email protected]

    Posted 4.7.14
  55. CHRISTINA DUTRA wrote:

    i loved the first one and i will definitely be seeing the 2nd one with my niece.

    Posted 4.8.14
  56. CHRISTINA DUTRA wrote:

    i loved the first one and i will definitely be seeing the 2nd one with my niece.

    Posted 4.8.14
  57. Danielle wrote:

    I did see the first movie and plan on seeing the second.

    Posted 4.8.14
  58. Jennifer Marie wrote:

    Yes, we saw the first Rio and we would like to see Rio 2.

    Posted 4.8.14
  59. Cheryl W. wrote:

    We saw Rio in theaters and we plan on seeing Rio 2 in theaters as well. dizzybloom(at)gmail(dot)com

    Posted 4.8.14
  60. Tracy Robertson wrote:

    I didn’t see the first Rio but I have been hearing so much about Rio 2 that I am excited to go and see it!

    Posted 4.8.14
  61. amy pugmire wrote:

    yes we saw the first. we loved it and we are seeing the second one too.

    Posted 4.8.14

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