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  1. Hannah wrote:

    This was so interesting! And also sad because of what you said about your non existing relationship to your father. Without knowing (and asking for) any details, being in the same position I know how hard it is but I’m sure you’re getting all the support and love from the rest of your family.

    And I can’t believe you used to dress like that lol

    Posted 2.13.11
  2. Kyle wrote:

    Seba thinks he’s famous now because you talked about him on this video. You’ve created a monster!

    PS. Post photos of your college days!

    Posted 2.13.11
  3. Tracy wrote:

    Vera, I know you like to read, do you recommend any parenting books or discipline books for kids? Have you ever read Love and Logic? What’s your philosophy when it comes to discipline?

    Posted 2.14.11
  4. Emma wrote:

    I don’t know whether you’ve answered this before but, oh well..

    Did you always want kids? Any if you did, how many did you originally want?

    Posted 2.26.11
  5. Emma wrote:

    ..I meant *And..sorry.

    Posted 2.26.11
  6. Suffy wrote:

    Vera, I love this. I too have had a bad relationship w my dad,spent years with not a word spoen between us. I patched things up between us at one point and they fell apart again. Sometimes, it just is not meant to be I think.
    Wish you all the happiness that may come your way as I KNOW, you deserve it.

    Posted 3.8.11

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