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Ariana Grande Performs At Kleenex Event

If you asked our eight-year old who her favorite singer was, she would enthusiastically reply, “Ariana Grande!” If Nickelodeon is on in your home as much as it is in mine, you may know her as “Cat Valentine” from the popular TV show, “Victorious”.

Ariana Grande Performs At Kleenex Event

Ariana Grande Performs At Kleenex Event

When I received an invitation from Kleenex to come check out Ariana Grande perform in downtown Manhattan, I knew this would be news to rock my home. It was my family hero moment.

Ariana Grande Performs At Kleenex Event

tweens meeting ariana grande

I brought along Maddy and her best friend/neighbor Anna. The event was stocked with healthy snacks (which I very much appreciated), and fun games. Ariana Grande performed three of her songs before an intimate crowd of about fifty kids.

 ariana grande as a red head

My favorite part about the event was that it was mostly made up of kids from The Boys and Girls Club. The children had so much fun as they got to see one of their favorite performers sing, and even take a photo with her.

Just Be Cool

Maddy and Anna had been obsessing over the prospect of meeting Ariana in the days leading up to the event. “Just be cool,” Anna could be heard telling Maddy, who was clearly anxious/excited to meet her idol.

At the end of the event, the two girls got to go into Ariana’s dressing room, where she took pictures, signed autographs, and even offered them cookies. She was so sweet and approachable- everything Maddy and Anna imagined her as.

It was perhaps the most special event I’ve ever attended because I was able to deliver and witness my two favorite girls have their dream come true.

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Jessica njoku

Monday 24th of June 2013

you r so pretty and can u show up at my brothers 17th birthday and I also heard your turning 20 how does that feel text back soon. LOVE JESSICA NJOKU.

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