An Overnight Stay In San Francisco – Hotel Hilton San Francisco

Hilton invited to California for an extended weekend to check out some of their fabulous properties. An overnight stay in San Francisco was just what the doctor ordered. I had an absolute BLAST being a tourist in that city. There were so many DIFFERENT things to do. I felt like I was hopping from one culture to the next as I walked around each corner. What an absolute treat. 

You may or may not know this about me but… I actually LIVED in a Hilton for 9 months waaaaaayyyyy back in 1999. Yes, I was a business consultant for Andersen Consulting (now known as Accenture) and was stationed in Pennsylvania doing some front end design work for Vanguard. I would spend 5 days on site and then go home for 2. I KNOW the Hilton brand – let me tell you. For many years, I had Diamond status and my husband and I took countless FREE vacations because of all the points I accumulated throughout my stay. It’s worth it to be loyal to one chain. I’m like this with airlines too. That loyalty pay off in the end. I’m living proof. 

An Overnight Stay In San Francisco - Hotel Hilton San Francisco

An Overnight Stay In San Francisco – Hotel Hilton San Francisco

An Overnight Stay In San Francisco - Hotel Hilton San Francisco

Back to this weekend. I flew out to California first thing on Saturday morning. Our first stop was in San Francisco and the hotel of choice was the Hilton Financial District – right on the cusp of China Town. I loved the mix of heritage found throughout the space. You can definitely see that the brand had appreciation and respect for the community it was a part of.

An Overnight Stay In San Francisco - Hotel Hilton San Francisco

Take this bridge — it actually connects the hotel to the beginning of China town and is owned by the Hilton. They use it for private functions as an outdoor rental space. I can just picture an outdoor party happening on it, right? I can also picture it as part of a movie scene where an evil villain flies into try to ruin the fun. But hey – that’s my problem. That’s where my mind goes. No judgement please. Spider-Man to the rescue!!!

An Overnight Stay In San Francisco - Hotel Hilton San Francisco

San Francisco view

If you CAN, I would request a BAY view because… well, check it out. Breathtaking.  Has somewhat of an old world / European feel, right? Really enjoyed this view. Don’t worry if you get the city view — that works too!! 😉

Hilton San Francisco Financial District Room Walkthrough

Here’s a look at my hotel room. I always love to do video walkthroughs.

Touring San Francisco 

San Francisco Trolly

Then it was off to our trolly ride. I love being a tourist in other cities!! In NYC, I’m always the one giving directions and suggestions. This time,I was the one taking pictures and enjoying the scenery.

Rose Pistola San Francisco

San Francisco is segmented into several different smaller neighborhoods. I loved how different they all were despite how close in proximity they fell. The neighborhoods certainly paid attention to detail. If you head over to San Fran, get on one of these Trolly Tours. It’s a great way to get a feel of the area and figure out where you want to spend the majority of your time later.

beautiful historic church near Washington Square park.

Plus you get to notice things that you might not have seen if you went at it alone — like this beautiful historic church near Washington Square park.

San Francisco Fisherman Wharf

San Francisco Fishermann Wharf

Of course, we made our way to the Fishermans Wharf! Talk about being busy!! Looked like Times Square just with boats. This is THE PLACE to go if you are looking for some great eats. Oh and PS – apparently Irish Coffee was first introduced to America in this spot. You can even go and snag yourself a drink from the shop which is still in business.

San Francisco Travel Hilton

From the wharf, you can see Alcatraz. I have been to San Francisco TWICE and have YET to step foot on Alcatraz. ONE DAY I will make it there. ONE DAY! I heard they give ghost tours. I am SO ALL ABOUT THAT!!! UGH. If you make the trip – you might as well carve some time into your schedule for this one.

Driving Down Lombard Street

We also drove down the most crooked street in the world — Lombard Street. YOU HAVE TO DO IT! It’s so WILD. Why would anyone build a street like this? When I get home I am going to do some research my friends. They have caught my attention for sure. You have to drive down really slowly – but it was super fun because of how unique the experience was.

San Francisco Modern Museum of Art

San Francisco Modern Museum of Art San Francisco Modern Museum of ArtWe only had a few minutes to stop and take a peek at the San Francisco Modern Museum of Art and I am so glad we did. What an entrance! 

San Francisco The Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco The Golden Gate Bridge

Last but not least — The Golden Gate Bridge. Probably the most famous images of all! I had such a great time exploring San Francisco with the group. There’s so much more to see – a weekend stay would be perfect to get a full taste of what this city has to offer. With only a little more than a dozen weekends left this year, Hilton is encouraging everyone in 2014 to get out and “Be a Weekender.” You don’t need to schedule a HUGE trip with your family — a weekend will do! It will give you the taste of adventure and discovery you need without using all of your vacation days.

Are you a Hilton HHonors member? If not, you better get on it because they recently launched its Triple Your Trip promotion. This program allows members to earn Triple Points Friday through Sunday and Double Points Monday through Thursday for hotel stays completed at participating Hilton hotels and resorts. WHAT?!  To participate in the Triple Your Trip promotion, members can register at

* Stays can be booked and completed between now and October 31, 2014.

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* I’ve partnered with Hilton HHonors to promote their “Be A Weekender” program.

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    San Francisco is such a great city. Love that photo of you on the trolly!!!! That weekend away looked like fun. I think everyone would enjoy a weekend escape. What a fun opportunity!

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  4. I love San Francisco – haven’t been since my daughter was little and I definitely am due for a visit. I’ve stayed at that Hilton before and loved it!

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  5. VERA! SUPER job with this close-up of Hilton San Fran–I think it may be my choice next time I hit the city!

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  6. Truly one of my favorite cities. Amazing culture!

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