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An Evening Of Indulgence At The Sharon Dorram Color At Sally Hershberger


I was recently invited to attend an event hosted by the famous hairstylist to the stars, Sally Hershberger, and colorist Sharon Dorram. As soon as I saw the invitation, I became immediately excited. I have been a huge fan of Sally’s ever since I saw Meg Ryan’s modern shag haircut in the 1995 romantic comedy French Kiss (one of my all time favorite movies), so I was truly ecstatic at the opportunity to visit her uptown Manhattan salon. I expected the event to be a blast, but I had no idea this indulgent evening would include hair blow-outs, professionally done make-up, and manicures. These wonderful services and the products used were just the icing on the cake at this relaxing and friendly atmosphere within the salon. Everyone on staff was incredibly down to Earth and extremely knowledgeable in their area of expertise.
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When I first arrived, I was immediately impressed with the salon, as it had a very posh but comfortable vibe. Unlike many hair salon mills, the Sally Hershberger salon is intimate and private, giving their clients the ultimate feeling of luxury. I first met with Tim Lehman, a professional hairstylist whom offered to blow out my hair, and to my delight, even a trim! He was not only a blast to have a conversation with, but he is incredibly talented. I told him that I was nervous about having long layers in my hair because I generally wear it very straight, but he knew just how to make my hair look red-carpet ready. Through the assistance of the Sally Hershberger line of products, Tim was able to get my ordinarily flat-looking hair to have real body and bounce, which stayed put despite the humid weather that evening. I was so pleased with my new haircut, I was nearly kicking myself for not having a date lined up for later that evening! Once my hair was all finished and looking fabulous, I moved on over to meet Jo-Anna Lynn, a professional make-up artist that is responsible for many of the looks you see in Marie Claire magazine. Jo-Anna has a very simplistic and natural way about doing make-up, and feels that light blue eye shadows are the summer’s hottest accessory.
She also showed me how I’ve been doing my mascara wrong all of these years! To get the fullest look on your lashes, it’s really helpful to look down with your eyes as you put it on- the difference this makes is astonishing. I was so pleased with the way Jo-Anna did my make-up, and had the most pleasant conversation with her about her years working in Paris, and other beauty ventures.

Next on the agenda was a manicure by the very sweet Mayu Glazer. Having reviewed Deborah Lippman’s nail polish recently, I immediately could tell only quality products were being used here, as I had a wide array of choices from her collection as well as Chanel’s. I chose a light and sweet pink for my nails, and I walked out feeling like a  princess who had just been pampered to the max.


As I was so caught up in the excitement and services that the salon provided for me, I unfortunately just missed the opportunity to meet Sally and Sharon. It is obvious however that they have some of the most talented beauty stylists available, which is really a testament to how smoothly the salon is run, and the sharp eye Sally and Sharon must have to have such an incredible staff. It was truly an honor to have been a part of the experience.
I was sent home with a bag of goodies from Sally Hershberger’s hair line, which included all types of hair products that would allow me to keep that great bounce and shine. Although it’s been six months since my last highlighting, the products somehow gave my hair more contrast in color, and my roots did not appear as obvious as they did when I walked in the salon. I must admit that prior to my knowledge of this event, I did pick up the Sally Hershberger shampoo and conditioner products at my local convenience store, and I absolutely love it. I am very particular about what I wash my hair with, but I was thrilled with the products in every way from the lather to the final finished look. This is definitely a product line I wouldn’t miss.
Sally Hershberger has salons in the Meatpacking District of Manhattan, as well uptown Manhattan, and in Los Angeles. Both Sally and Sharon are actively involved with each salon, and work side by side with some of the most talented stylists available. If you ever have the chance, I would definitely recommend making an appointment there for
any of these services- I know I will be back to visit again shortly!

By Samantha Ewers


Tuesday 6th of July 2010

Yes please, a demonstration of the mascara technique is needed! Thanks!


Monday 5th of July 2010

"She also showed me how I’ve been doing my mascara wrong all of these years! To get the fullest look on your lashes, it’s really helpful to look down with your eyes as you put it on- the difference this makes is astonishing."

^^ Can you guys do a demo video please? I just tried it and I'm confused. :(

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