Am I Going Back To Real Books? My Struggle With The Nook Color

For the last five days, I’ve been submerged in this series. It’s actually a romance series – the first one I have ever read. I’m not usually into this type of read, but ‘The Black Dagger Brotherhood‘ has me chained to it until the very last word. I’ve read 4 books since this weekend. I’m a fast reader, but it also has something to do with the fact that the story is so AH-MAZING.

It’s vampires. It’s passion. It’s explicit. It’s sad. It’s… wishful thinking! Oh to be Mary!! LOL!!

The characters are so… beautiful. And I don’t mean physically (although they are). Their stories are so unique. So wonderfully told – you almost feel like you know them. When I got through Zsadist’s story – I think I cried a dozen times. And I hate crying… but I understood his pain because the writer allowed me to so perfectly.

Anyway, I downloaded the first 3 books on my Nook Color and my eyes have been so strained ever since. It’s like reading a computer screen. The glare. So, even though I wasn’t working the last few days while I battled a cold, my eyes still unfortunately took a beating. It was as if I sat in front of my computer screen for 4 days straight… because that’s all I did was read and sleep until I felt well.

Late last night, I went to Barnes and Nobles to get a new wire for my Nook Color. I broke the one I owned and thought to check the price of the actual book. Surely, it was more expensive than the downloaded alternative. IT WASN’T. They were both $7.99 – except I could use my B&N card to get 10% off the softcover. And I could lend the books out to my friends who don’t own the Nook with the softcover. And once we were all done with it, I could then donate it to the library so other women could fall in love with the Brotherhood.

Just like that – I felt so far removed from my Nook. If the digital versions are more expensive or even the same price – WHY do it? If I was a world traveler – heading to London and then Paris and then Japan all in one month – YES it would make sense. I wouldn’t have to carry all the books with me. THAT MAKES sense.

But me – little ol’ me – reading in my back yard or at the town pool? Why bother? Don’t get me started on the glare. You can barely see a thing out in the sun.

So, I think I’m moving backwards – back to the basics.

Furthermore, I think I might start using my town library. My old town was grimy. I hated using the library. I hated even stepping FOOT in the  library. Felt like I would get sick if I took even a breath. But where I am now is so clean. I might just Lysol the book after taking it home (for good measure) and give it a shot.

Saves money AND my eyes.

As for my Nook – I downloaded a bunch of APPS for the kids. They’ve been dying to play Angry Birds. One of their friends showed them on their parents’ phone and it’s all I’ve been hearing about since. So, I gave it to them yesterday and they just about imploded.

What do you think about digital readers? Have you gone back to basics? Or are you still happy with this new way of reading?

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  1. Rosie wrote:

    You should have given the original Nook a try first. The e-ink screen is awesome. I can read for hours and hours and not feel any strain. I also check out ebooks from my library and have a ton of people in my contacts to swap books. I’m not 100% pro-e-readers, I have a ton of bookshelves in my home full of books I’ve read and have yet to read, just don’t count out e-reading all together until you try the e-ink.

    Posted 7.13.11
    • billie wrote:

      i agree….the original nook is perfect. i was sick last week also and i read and i read and i read. didn’t bother me a bit, i take it to the pool, to the beach…everywhere. i love my nook! the nook color is nice but it has all that extra stuff that you just don’t need.

      Posted 7.13.11
  2. Christina wrote:

    I love, love my kindle – I can hardly tell it’s not a book, and it’s so thin! I agree with the Nook Color though, I don’t think I could handle it, the glare would drive me crazy. There’s lending through Amazon accounts (though I think this could still be improved, it’s only once per book, for two weeks) – I will admit I’ve been frustrated when I read a good book and someone doesn’t have an e-reader and I want to lend it!

    Posted 7.13.11
  3. sally wrote:

    hi – the kindle avoids the glare and is just like a book but lighter. i use the kindle for work and have no problems with my eyes. i agree with you, though, it’s hard to justify the digital version unless it’s much cheaper than the softcover. i get the feeling that the nook colour is for kids books and magazines.

    Posted 7.13.11
  4. Nadia wrote:

    In regards to e-readers, I use my iPad with the Kindle app for late in bed reading, but it hasn’t replaced my books – not by a long shot. I still like the feel of a book in my hands and yes for long-term reading the glare kills my eyes. On a recent family trip I brought 2 paperbacks with me instead of my Kindle and loved that I was able to read them in the bright sunlight on the beach.

    I’ve been reading like a mad woman over the last couple of months! Can. Not. Stop! My goal – 60 books by the end of the year. Are you on Goodreads?

    Posted 7.13.11
    • Trixie wrote:

      Hey Nadia thanks so much for asking “are you on goodreads”!! I goggled it and it’s just what I’ve been looking for! I give myself grief for not keeping track of all the books I read but never got around to created a spreadsheet or something like that cause honestly how much fun would it be? At Goodreads it’s all done for you! Amazing….. thanks again!

      Posted 7.13.11
      • Nadia wrote:

        Oh, so glad you like it! I love it for the exact same reason and really like to keep track of all the books I’ve read! There is a new widget through the site that allows you to set a ‘goal’ for the year in regards to the amount of books you’ve read. Kind of fun! 🙂

        Be sure to add me! I’m Nadia Carriere on GR.

        Posted 7.13.11
  5. Wheatly wrote:

    I don’t own a Nook or any other reading device. Although my local library system has “loaner” e-books, most of what I want to read is not available. I HATE buying books. Partly for the cost, partly for not wanting to bring more things into my house I have to get rid of. I’m strictly a LIBRARY PATRON!

    Posted 7.13.11
  6. Jamie wrote:

    I’ve got a kindle and its wonderful. No glare the e-ink is easier on the eyes then looking at a page, imo at least. A friend of mine has a nook color and I can honestly say I’d rather have my kindle.

    Posted 7.13.11
  7. Caroline wrote:

    I was so excited when I got my Kindle but I had to give it up failrly quickly because reading on it made me nauseous and gave me killer headaches. It was like the worst car sickness you ever had. I am trying to find other peple who had this happen to them, but havent beed able. Soemone said it might have to do with the astigmatism i have in one eye.
    On the flip side, LOVE the Blck Dagger Brotherhood books. Like you said, we have all passed them around to once another, so well worth the pricetag!

    Posted 7.13.11
  8. corrin wrote:

    Full disclosure: I work in publishing. My clients are pushing for ebooks more than we do as a publisher.

    My reading is split about 50/50 between print and Kindle – I enjoy both for different reasons which is why I flip flop back and forth.

    Posted 7.13.11
  9. Jan wrote:

    I have a kobo ( since Im in Canada ) and I love it ! I do use my library for free books all the time to save myself some money. It uses the E ink which is totally readable in full sun, so slim and you can store so many books in one tiny device. The only downside is the need to recharge it. You sure dont have to do that with a traditional book. I can never stop thinking if everyone goes for ebooks tho and we have some worldwide catastrophe and lose access to everything digital what will happen to us :-O No one will have paper books around anymore to read.

    Posted 7.13.11
  10. Naomi wrote:

    Hey! I totally understand what you mean!! I love reading, but it can pricey for a while, and for my brithday this year I got an Ipad, so what I decided was to download the Amazon kindle app ( which is THE best book app by the way, they have the cheapest and biggest variety of books) and what I do is I browse and see what books are on SALE and those i read on my Ipad, if not I buy them at the book store. I read the Hunger Games Series on my Ipad because it was ridiculously cheaper than getting the hardcopy of the book, it came out to be like $5 per book. awesome!! however, some publishing companies like Penguin ( I’m not sure if all are doing this) are controlling the ebook prices, so places like amazon HAVE to sell the ebook at the same price as the hardcopy. Its set by the publisher not the book stores. Anyways just thought you should know… and I love reading on my ipad, its great! 🙂 but i still love real books.

    Posted 7.13.11
  11. Vera – You need a Kindle instead – I read a few books a week and it is like reading a regular page from a book – zero glare. Even on the most sunny day a the pool or beach.

    And as for Black Daggar…. Oh my. I’ve read them all. Zsadist, Phury and Rage and the lot. Wait until you get further along in the books! I’m now desperately awaiting the next installment! xoxo

    Posted 7.13.11

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