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ALPO® Wet Dog Food Is Both Nutritious And Delicious (My Dogs Only Care About The Delicious Part)

Honestly, I’m pretty sure my two dogs lose connection with the Earth’s gravitational pull when they start eating ALPO’S wet dog food. Talk about bringing excitement to mealtime. It’s like… what have they been missing all their lives?! LOL! For 12 years old, they look like pups when they see me plating their meals now. FULL OF happiness and joy because they know what is coming – great taste, nutrition and variety.

ALPO’S line is 100% complete and balanced and has quality ingredients, like healthy protein sources, wholesome grains and accents of vegetables. All of this contributes to form a complete and balanced diet for each life stage. I’ve had my little ones since 2001 and all I’ve ever wanted was healthy and happy dogs… and ALPO® supports just that.

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