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A Visit To The Bronx Zoo And Prepping For A House Party: Weekly VLOG

I’m a little late getting this live because this weekend was N-U-T-S. I filmed something with my entire family in my house for a few days and it rocked my world. Now, I’m sitting in a hotel in VEGAS. Yes, life is a bit chaotic. But you know what? I’ll take it!

Our last weekly vlog consists of a trip to the Bronx Zoo with some friends and me prepping for a house party.  There’s even some shopping involved — we found over $1000 in gift cards scattered throughout the house and we decided to go out on a hunt and spend them all in one day. Wanted to get rid of them before we lost them for a second time!







Rebecca Bryant

Thursday 20th of October 2016

Oh wow what a fun place. I wish I had more time on my last visit to go here. It's on my future to do list.

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