A Special Trip To Orlando To Celebrate Life, Health And Happiness

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For Christmas this year, we gave the kids something very special. A poem. I asked them to read it together and out loud because I wanted to see the moment when they realized what they were getting.

At the end of the poem, the kids learned that we are going to take a road trip down to Florida in February for 7 days of FUN and ADVENTURE. They could NOT believe it! Actually, they did NOT believe it. They kept asking me if the poem was for real. After, we reassured them that it was, they flipped out. Caleb eventually started to jump up and down with his older siblings… but I’m pretty sure he had no clue WHY he was doing it. LOL!



You see, in October, my son was admitted to the ER for his appendix. It burst and was so inflamed that they couldn’t operate until 2 weeks ago. He was placed on several weeks of meds to bring down the inflammation. We recently went back to the hospital for the surgery and my guy had a rough recovery. While he was sleeping in my bed each night, I kept thinking that when he gets better I want to see him run. I want to see him happy. I want to see him with cotton candy and balloons and flipping around on a roller coaster. I want to celebrate life while he is young and healthy again.

He’s been placed on “no activity”  per doctor’s orders for a few weeks. They want to make sure Liam heals properly. And I couldn’t be happier. I want to make sure everything seals up as it should. Because of the restriction, our December break was obviously out of the question — just too soon. Our next big school break was February.


So that’s when we are going!! We’ve booked our hotel on points and have decided to drive down to save some money. This is our FIRST MEGA ROAD TRIP AND WE ARE SO SCARED OH MY GOODNESS!!! We are going to stop somewhere in either North or South Carolina to cut it up. I don’t think we can go all the way up and down during the first ride. I have to find a stopping point. I can’t believe this is actually happening!



My little guy Caleb is absolutely obsessed with Mickey — so this should be fun! It will be his THIRD Disney trip so far. He will actually turn two IN DISNEY — we will celebrate his birthday at the park. How fun is that?! The last two times we went, he was really young and couldn’t appreciate the wonders of it all. This time around, he will GET it when Mickey walks by. I am beyond thrilled.

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This will also be the first year that we spend two days at Universal Studios! My children have never BEEN to Universal and I cannot wait to show them that park. Harry Potter. The Minions. Marvel GALORE! Please — they are the perfect age to enjoy all the action.

So – yes. Our Christmas present was a poem this year. But our promise was big. Here’s to a healthy and happy new year. (And a calm ride down from NY to Florida — just 1078 miles. No big deal)

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