A Rush To The ER: My Son’s Current Hospital Stay

Over the weekend, Liam started to cough a bit. It started out small and then just kept getting worse and worse. By night, he was breathing like he was possessed (think how a dog sounds when he’s running) and unable to talk. At about 4AM, my husband rushed him to the hospital while I stayed home with Natalie hoping all he needed was some good antibiotic.

Well, it turns out my boy is asthmatic. Or at least, that’s how they are treating him during this stay. He was immediately admitted and put on IV. Every few hours they put him on a nebulizer (which we have  to have at home with us from now on) and at the beginning Liam wasn’t happy. But then Bill called it ‘Spider Man Juice’ and now he tolerates the treatment.

Today I will be offline again. My amazing writers are covering me on INO this week and the posts that are going live on LATB are things I wrote up last week and time stamped out just for the heck of it. It was really lucky that I had so much extra content sent to me last week – otherwise this site would go unchanged for days.

I also can’t help but think I wasn’t supposed to be able to get a good vacation going this week – because if I did we would have been in the Caribbean with all of this going on. If it was meant to be – it would have been —– and it wasn’t  meant to be. Everything happens for a reason.

We are hoping he gets released today. At least that was the news last night when I left my husband and Liam. Heading there now.

(making a plant w staff – thought this was a great idea)

Be grateful for your health today – and for the health of your family. We take it for granted. We NEVER give it a second thought when everything goes as it should – those boring days just fly by. Watch your baby run around and play and scream and throw a fit and be thankful that she can. 🙂

Hopefully will have an update tomorrow.

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  1. Armywife wrote:

    Hope Liam feels better soon. God bless

    Posted 2.22.11
  2. Debbie wrote:

    It’s so scary when our kids are sick, especially in the hospital. Hope he’s feeling much better today.

    Posted 2.22.11
  3. Liam is such a lil trooper with his spider man juice!! It is so true– EVERYTHING happens for a reason– you are such a good mama we are sending Liam lots of x’s and o’s!

    Posted 2.22.11
  4. Oh, keep on gettin’ better Liam! Hugs to you, mama!!!

    Posted 2.22.11
  5. Sarah McDougall wrote:

    Hang in there! He may be diagnosed w/Reactive Airway (Asthma when he gets sick), breathing treatments are on an “as needed” basis & you’ll get to know quickly when it’s needed & when it’s not. Smooth move by your husband calling it Spiderman Juice! Just keep an eye on any other potential allergy issues you may see (eczema, food allergies, etc.), if you think you’re seeing anything like it take him to an Allergy & Asthma specialist – it makes a BIG difference! As for springing him from the hospital, tell yourself it won’t be before 3:00 PM & anything before that is a bonus! Frustrating when you want to get him out of there & have to wait for the Dr. to sign off on the orders.

    Posted 2.22.11
  6. Kelly J. R. wrote:

    My prayers are with you. How scary that must have been not knowing what was going on.

    Posted 2.22.11
  7. Thinking of Liam. I know it is so scary when they can’t breath. Kyle got RSV as a newborn so gets asthma now too. It is scary but I’m sure he will be okay soon. Hang in there and thank goodness he is at least now tolerating the “spider man juice!”. Thank heavens you were not away when this happened. Stay well and get your boy back to being a wild man soon! xoxo

    Posted 2.22.11
  8. Hugs! I’ve got asthma and we suspect our little one does too, but that “spider man juice” is awesome. Asthma is managable…but it does worry us as parents. Hang in there…..thank goodness you were at home.

    Posted 2.22.11
  9. Andrea Gilvary wrote:

    Feel better soon Liam! Thoughts and prayers sent your way!

    Posted 2.22.11
  10. NYCPatty wrote:

    How scary for your guys! I’m so glad he’s doing better and hopefully will be home soon! {Hugs}

    Posted 2.22.11
  11. 5k Chic wrote:

    Hope he is feelling better soon and home in his momma’s arms…..

    Posted 2.22.11
  12. Anonymous wrote:

    Oh Vera! I’m so sorry to hear about your Liam. I hope he is on the mend….

    Posted 2.22.11
  13. Vera – we need to talk as this is EXACTLY what happened to my daughter when she was 2. She ended up taking steroids daily until 6 months ago. Let me know when you have time to chat.

    Posted 2.22.11
  14. Sherry wrote:

    I hope he was able to come home today, Vera. I’ve been thinking about you guys all day. Crossing my fingers that they gave you some answers and that Liam is feeling much better. Hugs.

    Posted 2.22.11
  15. Shari wrote:

    My son had an episode like that too. The coughing was actually him trying to breath. It took me one trip to the hospital to realize that.

    Next time you can start the nebulizer right away. Scary but treatable. Hope he is feeling better.

    Posted 2.22.11
  16. Kyle wrote:

    Oh my gosh, I never saw this picture. He looks so sad 🙁 It breaks my heart! So glad he’s feeling better now.

    Posted 3.2.11

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