A Quick Note About Doctor Strange And Why You Should See It #DoctorStrange


Over the weekend, my family asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday (since it was this week and they knew I was going to be away) and I said that I wanted to go see Doctor Strange with them. Now, if I’m being honest with you, we had a little fight about whether Trolls would win out… but I’m stubborn and won. Hopefully, Natalie will forgive me. ūüôā

I am a MARVEL fanatic. I like action and adventure when I pay for a movie ticket. Keep your comedy and sap. Not my cup of tea. Give me a trip of a lifetime. Take me there – my bags are packed!!!

Did I know anything about Doctor Strange? Nothing more than what the trailer offered. I didn’t do any research and I never was much of a comic book reader (except for Archie – does that count??). So, I guess you could I say I went in half blind.


Oh my ever loving GOD. I loved it. I’m very new age. You don’t know that about me because it’s not something I talk about. But give me a chakra sandwich and I will eat that puppy on another astral plane while I center myself and all my inner energy. Yeah – I said it.

Doctor Strange was everything I loved about Marvel + a little bit of new age goodness sprinkled on top. I never knew I wanted to be Doctor Strange. Ever. I always thought I was more of a Wolverine kind of girl. I’m so confused now.

Don’t get it twisted. You aren’t walking into an acupuncture¬†video lesson. My husband and kids did not catch any of the spiritual healing talk. They¬†were too focused on the amazing action and fighting scenes. There is a great story line in this movie. The villains are perfection. The hero starts out a broken man who learns to find himself through a long journey. We all love those stories, right? ¬†So, even if you aren’t very new age and instead are just a Marvel girl who loves a superhero that can take care of business – you still win with Dr. Strange.


PS – the whole family went and Caleb was the only one that wasn’t able to really sit. So, maybe 3 is a bit too young for Dr. Strange. LOL! We just didn’t have a baby sitter – so we took him. He was fine. Just hung out with me the whole time, but it didn’t engage him like maybe Trolls would have which is a cartoon. Get sitters for little little ones.

Here are a few clips to tickle your fancy:

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