A New Yorker Must-Have

I hate putting my pocketbook on the floor. In New York, the floor can carry any number of icky germs. These are then brought into my home. To prevent this, try the Table-It.

The Table-It is a handy product that allows you to hang your pocketbook off the floor from any flat surface. It hangs on the strap like a keychain until you need it. Since I got mine, it’s hung from my bag. I feel so relieved when I remember that I have my Table-It. It means I don’t have to search for a place to put my pocketbook. The Table-It is so discreet and chic that it looks cute on my pocketbook. It also doesn’t draw attention to itself so it keeps out of sight from sticky fingers.

The Table-It is a every-day item that is handy everywhere. To read more, click here.

Company sent product for review.

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