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8 Things I Learned About Myself While Visiting LA

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I flew to LA this week for a few days. That’s the reason why there’s been SLIM pickings over here on Lady and the Blog. I haven’t had time to do any write ups and I am so sorry about that. I’m literally all packed up and waiting for my cab to come so it can take me to the airport. I’m ready to go home… although I’m not so sure why I chose a home that has so much snow?? It’s supposed to be 85 here today. Wha-WHAT?!

Anyway, I will announce WHY I was here soon enough. Can’t do that yet. But this trip – like all trips – allowed me to learn a thing or two about myself. Some people ask me why I like to travel and honestly, I think I was born with a passion to explore.  I didn’t do much sightseeing on this excursion, but it still got me away from home for a few days and that led to a few new discoveries.

  1. I am 100% completely broken. You know how you just don’t talk about things that bother you – and you go on living a life ignoring the hurt? Well, on this trip, I opened up a bit about my past and I couldn’t do it without straight up bawling. Despite my efforts to NOT cry, I was unable to control myself. That shows me that I am not as strong as I think I am.
  2. I am lucky. My best friend came out with me to LA and we were able to spend some time together and really unwind. I never let it escape me that I have her in my life and that we are in the same game – so sometimes we get to mix work with pleasure together and that’s ok. What an absolute treat.
  3. I am a food snob. I didn’t think that I was, but I guess growing up and living in NYC does something to you. And eating a slice of pizza from some hole in the wall joint just isn’t going to cut it for me anymore.  Learned that lesson two nights ago.
  4. My husband does a lot for me. With everything that I do, how quickly my life gets turned upside down, Bill is always there to steady it all. Whether he’s making sure the kids go to their after school activities or whether he’s just calling a car service to get me when I land – that man is by my side. And I guess I don’t thank him enough for what he does.
  5. I need to start eating salad. This one is hard to swallow… literally. But I need to start eating salad as a meal. Ugh. Not happy – but it has to happen. I’m just not a fan. Unfortunately, I’m a big girl now and I think it’s time to stop eating like a child.
  6. I am an airline points fanatic. I sort of knew this about me but it was absolutely confirmed yesterday. I was talking to someone about the most amazing experience that they ever had. They were telling me how they had to fly all around Europe for work and because of this gig they were able to see so many incredible things. The only follow up question I had was…. “Did you fly all one airline? How amazing would that have been?!” UM NO!! The amazing part was the ACTUAL STORYYYYYYYYYYY – not the points you FREAK. I can’t believe my brain works this way. I need a hobby. In other news, Delta I love you. Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 6.21.57 AM
  7. If the Apocalypse ever hit, I have friends in a lot of places:  Blogging is the best thing that ever happened to me (besides my family of course). My job has literally changed my life. I’ve met so many wonderful people over the last ten years – some of which I call real friends. It’s good to know that if I was ever running for my life, I have people all over the country that I can really count on. This wouldn’t be the case if I wasn’t in this industry. In other news, Marshall I hope you have room for 5 when s*** hits the fan.
  8. Life is good. I think this trip has reminded me of the most important notion of all. I have a beautiful family. I am healthy. My job is stable. And life is good. It’s important to recognize those things and to be thankful for those things and to thank HIM for those things every now and then too. It’s not always about the asking. Sometimes, it’s important to show a little gratitude as well.

That’s it! This is exactly why I travel! You want to learn a little bit about yourself. Hit the road, Jack! Where will your next adventure take you!?

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