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8 Fun Things Your Kids Will Enjoy While On The Disney Fantasy Cruise

I can dedicate an entire blog to the awesome-ness (yes that is a word today) that is the Disney Fantasy Cruise. I am officially a converted traveler . It is the PERFECT way to travel. Anything and everything you would want to do while on vacation is available on this ship.

In case you were wondering what sort of activities would be available for your kids, here are my top 8 picks:

Disney Fantasy Cruise Kid Activity #1: The Aquaduck

I mean.. come on! Look at that puppy loop around the entire ship. It is just screaming for you to use it, right? I’m actually scheduled to ride it tomorrow morning. They are going to let press film their trip while on the slide – so I’ve been waiting for my time slot as patiently as possible. It’s hard FOLKS! It’s hard!

Disney Fantasy Cruise Kid Activity #2: Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique / The Pirate’s Lounge

I love this because I am a mother to both a girl and a boy. Yes, we all know and love the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, but did you know that The Pirate’s Lounge is also available on the Disney Fantasy? The space actually TRANSFORMS throughout the day giving everyone their chance to play dress up. LOVE!

For the BBB:

  • An Under the Sea Package transforms little cruisers into little mermaids with a two-piece swimsuit, “mermaid tail” wrap, tiara and nail polish that changes color in sunlight.
  • The Disney Fantasy Package includes a frilly tutu with Disney Fantasy and Disney Cruise Line logos subtly printed into the gold ribbon around the hem. A fitted graphic T-shirt has a stylish jewelry design and the outfit is topped off with a poufy headband.
  • Other cruise exclusive packages include Princess Minnie Mouse and First Mate Minnie Mouse and Captain Mickey Mouse.

For the PL:

For children, a full pirate makeover is available with the First Mate package for boys including bandana, scars, fake teeth, eye patch sword and more. For girls, an outfit available only on the Disney ship is the Empress which includes a Disney Cruise Line exclusive dress, shimmering makeup, face gem, nail polish, earring, eye patch sword and more.

Disney Fantasy Cruise Kid Activity #3: Fireworks!

Can you stand it? Fireworks in the middle of the Ocean. The Disney Fantasy is the ONLY cruise ship to over this wonderful night out.

Disney Fantasy Cruise Kid Activity #4: Age Specific Clubs

Do you have a tween that might not want to hang out with his / little brother? Are you afraid that your older children won’t have “cool” things to do while on the ship? Well – get rid of that nonsense because the Disney Fantasy figured out how to get around that issue.

Each kid club is separated by age group. Infants go in one, toddlers and kids in another, tweens and teens in a third. The rooms are filled with age-appropriate play items some of which are gigantic replicas of Toy Story characters. It’s pretty eas for me to visualize how much my kids would love these rooms!!

The teen club even has an area adults aren’t allowed to visit (of course it’s supervised). The teens cards are the only ones that will work and open the secret door to the lounge area. Disney staff will be waiting for them inside to cater their every need. Talk about freedom!

Disney Fantasy Cruise Kid Activity #5: On Deck Parties

Mickey’s Pirates IN the Caribbean and the Hunt Fer Jack are two  family-friendly interactive shows featuring the Disney characters we all know and love. Not only will the children become part of Mickey’s pirate crew, but they will also get to watch a live-interactive show while meeting… JACK SPARROW!  So FUN!

Disney Fantasy Cruise Kid Activity #6: Animator’s Pallete

This dining experience is like no other. Not only will you be able to sit down and enjoy a great meal, but you also will get to see one of your personal drawings come to LIFE. You doodle your creation on a piece of paper and then you sit back and enjoy a short film showing your masterpiece dancing alongside Mickey. I LOVE this.

Disney Fantasy Cruise Kid Activity #7: The Aqua Lab

This area is great for families who have children that are afraid of pools. For a long time, my son was petrified of pools but had no problem with sprinklers. I love the Aqua Lab on the Disney Fantasy because it acts as ANOTHER offering to present to our children. This 1,800-square-foot get-wet area on Deck 12 is filled with pop jets, geysers and bubblers.

Disney Fantasy Cruise Kid Activity #8: The characters!

You will be told ahead of time when and where the characters will be each day. So, don’t worry about missing a THING. It’s all handed to you the day before that way you can plan your schedule for the next morning and beyond. I watched a bit as all the children got to meet and greet the princess and I just about cried. The hugs! The kisses! The magic! It was really something special to see.

Wendy T

Monday 9th of April 2012

Just another reason my heart hurts that my daughter died before her wish trip which was to be a cruise.

It looks like so much fun.

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Thursday 5th of April 2012

This cruise looks so fun! My child would love it there!

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elena150980 at yahoo dot com


Sunday 25th of March 2012

Vera, do you think teens would have enough to do? You have me 95% SOLD on this thing....

The waiting list will probably be insane, right? Can you share pricing? Will they let you? LOL!


Sunday 25th of March 2012

YES - they have their own pool area, their own lounge area plus everything else the ship offers. i don't think they would have an issue staying entertained.

there is even a movie theatre on board that shows first run movies. John Carter is playing on the ship right now.

I dont know about waiting lists - I would just check to see. Every cruise is different

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