7 Beauty Mistakes You’re Making Right Now #bestofbeauty


I’ve written posts like this before I know. But the more I talk to makeup artists and industry experts, the more I realize some things have to change in my beauty routine. And perhaps you are making the same choices?? Here are 7 Beauty Mistakes I have to put on your radar.

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7 Beauty Mistakes You’re Making Right Now: #1 You’re Spending Too Much Money On Mascara. 

I’ve done it. I sometimes still do on the RARE occasion. But guess what? That $45 designer named mascara you just bought is NOT BETTER than the $7.99 one you could get at the drugstore. I just tested out CoverGirl’s Flame Out and it is AWESOME!!!! Like out of control awesome – and with a coupon you could get it for just a few dollars.

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7 Beauty Mistakes You’re Making Right Now: #2 You Aren’t Exfoliating In The Shower

I don’t either. I actually only do it when I know I’m going to the pool OR when I’m going for a pedicure which is so backwards I KNOW. Exfoliate a few times a week and make it part of your routine.


7 Beauty Mistakes You’re Making Right Now: #3 You Aren’t Drinking Enough Water

Beauty comes from the inside OUT. I should have made this number one because this is the worst mistake on the list. How many glasses of water do you drink a day? If you don’t like the taste, then experiment with citrus or unsweetened decaffeinated tea. Water is still your number one choice – but if you have to reach for something the tea is better than soda for sure.

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7 Beauty Mistakes You’re Making Right Now: #4 You Aren’t Throwing Out Expired Makeup

General rule of thumb – if it deals with your eyes don’t keep it for more than 3 months. Everything else is not as important. I won’t fill you up with dates that you won’t remember. Just remember that your eye makeup shouldn’t stick around for more than 3 months once you open it up and use it.


7 Beauty Mistakes You’re Making Right Now: #5 You Aren’t Taking Advantage Of BB / CC Creams

Multi-purpose products are large and in charge. Get rid of 4 or 5 separate beauty bottles and consolidate! Most include moisturizer, SPF, and concealer all in one.

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7 Beauty Mistakes You’re Making Right Now: #6 You Aren’t Using YouTube For Tutorials

Let those 10 year old girls teach you how to do a proper side braid while in the comforts of your own home! Have no shame. I am obsessed with these crazy creative beauty stylists… even if they aren’t wearing bras yet.  Ok – Ok, there are some sassy adults doing it too! 🙂

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7 Beauty Mistakes You’re Making Right Now: #7 You’re Not Using Eye Cream

When your eye region is dry… it starts to sag. Pick up an eye serum and put it on day and night. BELIEVE ME you will see a noticeable difference.

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  1. Allison B. wrote:

    Yikes…. I am the worst when it comes to throwing out expired makeup. Thanks, this has given me a lot to think about. Seriously

    Posted 8.27.13

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