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5 Weekend Day Trips Your Kids Will Love

Weekends are the perfect time to decompress from the work week and spend time with the people closest to you – family! And, while we’re sure you have a list of go-to activities that you and your gang enjoy, it’s often nice to take advantage of those free days and pack ‘em with fun-filled adventures. From visiting your local park to venturing out to a super cool zoo, now’s the time to make the most of your upcoming weekend and plan one (or more!) of these fun day trips.

Weekend Day Trips Your Kids Will Love

5 Weekend Day Trips Your Kids Will Love

Playtime at the Park

Every kid loves going to the park! These days, most parks are so inventive; it’s easy to spend an entire afternoon there without ever getting bored. From complex playgrounds to giant sandboxes, it’s never a dull moment at the park. And if your kids are not into the park’s fixtures, so what? Sit and watch the squirrels, play fun group games, explore an area off-the-beaten-path, or visit when there’s a community activity that everyone will enjoy.

Visit a Fire Station

Introduce your little ones to real-life heroes at your local fire station. Most local stations will happily arrange tours for kids, which is especially exciting for those who love playing with toy trucks! Whether you’ve got a preschooler or a grade-schooler, they’ll love exploring different fire trucks and meeting real live firefighters.

Children’s Museum Road Trip

While many adult museums feature exhibits that children will surely love, a children’s-focused museum is always your best bet. Find one near you that has hands-on interactive exhibits as well as fun structures and climbing walls that are engaging and exciting. Many museums also offer kid-friendly cafeterias or picnic areas, giving you the option to eat in-house or pack your own food.

U-Pick Produce Farms

There’s no better way for your kids to learn how food grows than to visit a fully functioning farm to pick their own fruits and veggies! Most states boast year-round farms that give visitors an opportunity to pick everything from lettuce to lemons to strawberries. Wondering if there’s one close by? Search the Internet to find a farm near you, and call ahead to make sure your kids’ favorite produce is available! That evening, whip up a meal complete with your freshly picked produce!

Butt Paste Farm

If your curious little ones can’t get enough of their furry friends, head to the zoo so they can see the real thing! While it’s always nice to get a little playtime sesh in with the family pet, give them the animal education they crave by heading to a zoo near you. Whether you’re admiring animal life from afar or delving deeper into a specific species, we guarantee they’ll love every minute of it.

Weekend Day Trips Your Kids Will Love

And while weekend fun is #1 on our list, it’s important to keep your little ones protected and comfortable, too!

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Claudia Krusch

Sunday 12th of June 2016

U pick farms are one of my favorite things to do! It is always a fun place to go and get everyone involved!

Angela Kanellopoulos

Friday 10th of June 2016

I dont have kids but i love these trips for myself! LOL esp the zoo!!


Friday 10th of June 2016

I agree, kids love these trips. My son loved those trips when he was younger. He's now 13 and thinks he's no longer a kid. :)

Stephanie Pass

Friday 10th of June 2016

What great ideas! I am dying to try a you pick produce type farm. I think my kids would love it.


Thursday 9th of June 2016

I'm all about bringing the kids to the Fire Station, they can play on the truck and all while I drool over the firemen! How they DOIN? ; ) great list!

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