5 Reasons This Mitz Insulated Lunch Bag Is A Must-Have For Your Child @mitzaccessories


Every now and then, you come across an item that just seamlessly fits into your everyday life and you very quickly cannot live without it. My Mitz Construction Trucks Insulated Lunch Bag is just that. I use it every single day with my 9 month old son. We use it to pack his bottles and food when we’re leaving the house and it is such a part of our routine now. Here are 5 reasons this bag is a game changer for you and your child.

  1. It’s insulated. I use it to pack bottles for my little one as well as pureed food that I’ve kept in the fridge. It keeps everything at just the right temperature. This bag is also perfect for kids of any age that take lunch to school. It promises to keep their food at the right temperature until they’re ready to eat.
  2. It stretches! Anything that stretches is a win for me but I digress. The stretch in this bag comes in handy because I can fit more things in it. When you’re juggling a kid in one arm and only have one hand to get food out of your bag and close it back up, a stretchable bag comes in really handy. Which brings me to the next awesome thing about this bag…
  3. It closes with a zipper! I can’t tell you the number of times his baby bag has tipped over and my Mitz bag has slid to the side. Because the bag has been zippered shut, nothing has fallen out. It seems like a simple solution for a kid bag but you wouldn’t believe how many other bags don’t think about this basic design feature. The zipper is also a sturdy one so it’s easy to yank open and close with one hand.3
  4. It’s the perfect size for lunch and a bit more. This Mitz bag is big enough to fit what I put in it, which is 2 or more 8 oz. bottles of milk, a container of formula milk, a banana and 2 containers of baby food. It’s enough for a full day of food. For older kids, it’s enough to hold a drink, a sandwich, 2 pieces of fruit and some snacks with nothing getting squished. It’s incredible.2
  5. The design is adorable without being annoying. I’m so not into shoving cliched gender items down my baby’s throat. I keep a good balance of gender-neutral items around him. This construction truck bag is too cute to resist, though. There are yellow and black trucks on a bright orange bag. So insanely cute! You can bet your last dollar that this bag is going to stick around for a long time in my child’s life. Why? Because I can stand to look at it.

Mitz offers accessories that are realistic and necessary for your life. They also offer Adjustable Boot Straps which keep your pants legs inside your boots. Also, if lost mittens drive you bonkers, check out these cute mitten clips to keep them in check. Click here to snag your Mitz Construction Trucks Insulated Lunch Bag.

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