4 Easy Back To School Hairstyles For The Kids Using @SuaveBeauty #backtoschool

Yup. It’s official. I’m completely obsessed with back to school. I’ve done the VAST majority of my back to school shopping and have pretty much finalized all their after-school activities. I really want Fall to be buttoned up before the season actually starts.

One thing I want to try to be better at this year is doing my daughter’s hair. I was on bed rest all last year and couldn’t really help with anything. It was a very sad time for the entire family – but it was all for Caleb which is all GOOD. This year, I am back in action and ready to plug back in. My daughter’s rat nest is a thing of the past. I don’t think she combed her hair for all of 2012!! LOL

Suave has a full line of kid products that I stocked up on and am testing out this week. I’ve already done the faux-hawk on Liam a ba-billion times. That was his go-to style last year. But Natalie… Natalie and I are going to have lots of fun testing out these new looks!

Here Are 4 Back To School Hairstyles For The Kids:


Style: Top Bun

1.       Wash hair with Suave Kids® ™ 2-in-1 Shampoo Smoother.

2.       When hair is damp, apply a dime-size amount of Suave Kids® Cherry Vanilla Bop Mousse to roots, and comb throughout.

3.       Blow-dry hair completely.

4.       Using a paddle brush, pull hair into a high ponytail, securing with a rubber band.

5.       Backcomb the ponytail lightly to create a full pony with volume.

6.       Twist hair into a bun, securing with bobby pins to keep hair in place.

Want to see three more kid hairstyles just perfect for back to school?


Style: Spiked

1.       Wash hair with Suave Kids® ™ 2-in-1 Shampoo Smoother.

2.       Add a dime-sized amount of Suave Kids® Cool Ocean Blast Gel to damp hair, tousling hair as you go.

3.       Create small spikes throughout until hair is mostly dry.



Style: Fun Side Twist

1.       Wash hair with Suave Kids® Cowabunga Coconut 2-in-1 Shampoo Smoother (22.5 oz.)

2.       When hair is wet, apply a dollop of Suave Kids® Cherry Vanilla Bop Mousse from roots to ends, while scrunching hair to enhance waves.

3.       Divide hair in half and clip the top layer on top of your head to twist 2-inch sections of hair underneath.

4.       Take down the top layer of hair and twist all remaining sections of damp hair, allowing the twists to air dry into natural waves.

5.       Create a side part; take a 2-inch section of hair from the front of the head at the part and twist gently back, away from the face.

6.       Continue twisting until you reach the ends, and secure the twist with a favorite clip or accessory.



Style: Faux-Hawk

1.       Wash hair with Suave Kids® 3-in-1 Wacky Melon.

2.       Work a dime-sized amount of Suave Kids® Cool Ocean Blast Gel throughout hair.

3.       Push hair up into a fake Mohawk position.

Which look is your favorite?? Do you help out with hairstyles while the kids are in school? Or do they take care of their own looks?

* company sent sample for review

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