35 Reasons To Visit Disney World With Your Family

My family has visited Disney almost a dozen times. There truly is something magical about that place. When we first started dating, Bill and I went down on our own and had a ton of fun sans kids. It’s one of those places where you can enjoy yourself with friends, with family, with a spouse or with your babies. Something for everyone!


This last trip was no different. In fact – I’d say it was one of the best ones yet. Natalie and Liam are a bit older now and they allowed us to have some adult time at Epcot.

We literally ate our way through the countries. YUM!  This vacation was not just about making mouse memories for Caleb, but it was also about starting up a new Instagram account dedicated to food, about finding the courage to get back on all those rides again instead of just being the “trip documenter”, and of course… about coming together as a family unit.

So, instead of doing my normal recap, I want to give you a much more visual review. I hope you enjoy it!

35 Reasons To Visit Disney World With Your Family


1. Downtown Disney has a T-Rex Cafe. Super fun!  It’s like dinner and a show but for the entire family.


2. Obligatory Castle Photo shot on Main Street.


3. Just like a ticket of entry, we always walk right into the ice cream shop at the end of Main Street and share one of these fabulous sundaes. I mean… how can we resist? If you can’t find seats, hit the floor!


4. Speaking of food, there’s also those Mickey pretzels you can snack on mid-day. Mustard optional for kids. 🙂 

5.  While the older kids are racing around on fast-paced rides, the little ones can enjoy slower ones with mom or dad. I LOVE that everything is mixed this way. You don’t have to FIND a little kid section which parents will appreciate. Nice thinking Disney!

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 12.25.40 PM

6. You can absolutely take advantage of their Fast Pass system and snag tickets on rides that have very long waits if you are a planner. And if you have babies, you can do a rider swap and never miss a beat! I was so happy to see that I was able to take my two older kids with me while I used the Rider Switch Pass. I thought I would have to go alone.


7. Dance Parties. Need I say more? Ok… Character Dance Parties.


8. Photo opps everywhere you turn.


9. And fireworks galore.


10. You cannot leave Disney without trying Dole Whip. I literally dream about this during the year and make it my BUSINESS to have a scoop before I leave.


11.  Watching your kids take care of one another.


12.  That rare moment when you actually take a complete family photo! Well, sort of – can you make out Liam’s forehead? He’s in there I promise!


13. It’s not all rides and games at Disney. There’s wildlife too!


14. And who can forget the moment your child notices a turtle for the very first time? Well, that’s just magical.


15. At Epcot, you can purchase Passports for your children and they can go on a mission to have them stamped and completed. It was such a highlight for them!


16. Did I mention campy photo opps? (We did them all)


17. At Epcot,  as you walk through the countries, you get a taste of what each culture has to offer.


18.  I’m heading to China in a few days and Disney gave me an opportunity to share that experience with my little ones and get them excited about the adventure. Perhaps there is something you did or are about to do that you can share with your family as well!


19. And of course, there’s the turkey leg photo opp.


20.  There’s even a place where you can make a wish.


21. Is meeting a troll on your to-do list? We found a BIG ONE in Norway.


22. You can even enjoy a relaxing boat ride.


23. Or you can fly through a race track on one of the fastest ride Disney has to offer and then create a custom car of your own at the end thanks to some super cool technology.


24. If you are getting tired, you can find a stoop and relax a bit. Disney offers lots of fun places to sit and people watch.


25. Or if you are like us… you can fly thousands of miles to end up right back home.


26: Disney always has something special and up for grabs at the parks. While we were visiting Hollywood Studios, we got to take a photo with Cinderella’s Gold carriage! Amazing! That made watching the movie with my daughter SO MUCH MORE SPECIAL.


27. Ever wanted to shrink down in size? It’s an option at Disney! Probably the coolest park my kids will ever see.


28. Salute with the toy troops!

29. How about getting the kids’ faces painted!


30. Ever wanted to compare your handprint with someone famous and Disney related? You can!


31. And if it’s screaming that you want – why not try the Tower of Terror? These three went on 4 times. I actually sat this one out. 😉


32. I always wanted to try a drive-in movie theatre? We did but Disney style! Call for reservations RIGHT NOW – I can’t believe we got into this one by a walk in.


33. Looking for a Big Hero 6 selfie? Baymax was most accommodating!


34.  We loved meeting Mickey Mouse – especially Caleb. He was screaming at the top of his lungs!!


35.  Another “I can’t believe this actually happened” moment was Jedi Training. We got to Hollywood Studios at 11:00AM and snagged the last two spots during the last show. So exciting!!

SO!! What did you think about my top 35 reasons?! I hope you enjoyed a look at our three day stay at Disney. We really had a ball.


Whether you are a Toy Story fan….


(Natalie 2014, Me, 1984)

Or looking for a way to share the same memories you made as a child with children of your own… Disney World has you COVERED.

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