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Harry Potter: The Exhibition at Discovery Times Square

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New York City just got a little more magical with Harry Potter: The Exhibition at Discovery Times Square.

I got a chance to peek behind the magical walls of Hogwarts on opening day and this exhibit is a must see for Harry Potter fans big and small. Harry Potter: The Exhibition is a 14,000 square foot experiential exhibition that includes dramatic displays inspired by the Harry Potter film sets and actual props and costumes from the movies. This exhibit is incredible and done with so much detail and care, you truly feel like you have wandered onto the set of your favorite Harry Potter film. Not only are the costumes and props displayed, but the exhibit strives to give you the full experience. For example, when you walk into the Quidditch Hall, you not only see uniforms from the difference houses and Quidditch cups, you also hear the roar of cheering fans and see clips of Quidditch matches from the films being play throughout the exhibit.

As if Harry Potter: The Exhibition wasn’t exciting enough, James and Oliver Phelps (better known as the Weasley Twins) were on hand to sign autographs for some lucky fans and I got an exclusive interview with the lovable pranksters where we discuss their favorite memories from Harry Potter, how the snagged the famous role and what they are doing now the Harry Potter is over.

Harry Potter: The Exhibition will be in New York until April 7, 2013. For more tickets and more information vist Harry Potter: The Exhibition online.

Pictured below, the line down the block and around the corner of eager Harry Potter fans waiting to get into the exhibit on opening day and meet the Weasley Twins.

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Scroll down for a sneak peek at Harry Potter: The Exhibition.

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Pictured above, Oliver and James Phelps better known as George and Fred Weasley about to depart on the Hogwarts Express.

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Pictured above, the dorm room of Ron Weasley.

Pictured below, from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, props from the Gryffindor boys’ dorm, school robes for Harry Potter and Ron Weasley and the golden egg.

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Pictured above, from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban costumes and props from the office of Remus Lupin including the cabinet that housed the boggart.

Picture below, from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix costumes and props from the office of Dolores Umbridge.

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Pictured above, costumes, props and a recreation of the cabin of Rebeus Hagrid.

Pictured below, Quidditch uniforms for Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Slytherin houses.

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Pictured above, Horcruxes from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Tom Riddle’s Diary), Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Salazar Slytherin’s locket) and  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Parts I and II (Marvelo Gaunt’s Ring, Rowena Ravenclaw’s Diadem and Helena Huffelpuff’s Chalice).

Pictured below, from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince “Wanted” posters for known Death Eaters.

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Pictured above, from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Dolores Umbridge’s new rules during her term as headmaster of Hogwarts.

Pictured below, from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part II the sword of Gryffindor and costumes for Neville Longbottom, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and  Ron Weasley.

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Pictured above, from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the formal wear for Hermione Granger,  Ron Weasley, Harry Potter, Cho Chang and Cedric Diggory.

Pictured below left, the robes of Albus Dumbledore with Dobby the Elf and pictured below right, the costumes for Sirius Black and Nymphadora Tonks.

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For tickets and more information visit Harry Potter: The Exhibition online.

Need more Harry Potter in your life? Check out my interview with the James and Oliver Phelps, better known as Fred and George Weasley.

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  1. I’m so jealous, Jessica! The exhibition was in Chicago for eons and I never made it there to see it.

  2. Sherry — have no fear, this is the exhibit’s second trip to NY with additional exhibits from the last two movies so maybe it will make its way back to you!

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